31 July 2010


Tallinn, Estonia. I'm bumping it up to favorite city of all Northern cities, higher on my list than even Stockholm, that old Queen of ScandinavianTowns. We happened to find what's possibly the best chocolaterie in the world, hidden away in a little courtyard... hot cocoa served in Bohemian china, gold muslin on antique chairs, string violinists playing summer sonatas... sitting and chatting with childhood friends, and the sun burning happiness on our faces.


Minna said...

I really like your pictures

IPH said...

Ich schließe mich der obigen Meinung von Minna an ;)

NH said...

<-- Childhood freind :). It's exactly how you described it. I'm really looking forward to see the pictures I've taken. If they will be as pretty as yours? We'll see it next week on my blog I promise. Like the picture of the bike, the first door and Fé of course :).

Isa said...

Thank you! Danke! :)

NH, es war supertoll, habt eine gute Heimreise heute... und ich freue mich schon auf deine Fotos! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Isa,
vielen Dank für deinen Comment!
Schön wenn es dir gefällt!
Super Bilder hast du, besonders deine Kleine, sieht nach´nem richtig süßem Energiebündel aus =)

zuckersüße Grüße!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...


Katarina said...

are you kiddin'! I wanna go to Tallinn so badly...awww. Glad you had a nice time x

sirja said...

Tallinn - brings back soooo many memories. All my university years were spent in this cobblestoned city.
I felt proud when you said it was one of your favourite cities...patriotism??

We're still breathing in the salty estonian sea air and looking forward to our weekend trip to a little island called vormsi. I'll be taking pics, of course

MiMa said...

OH wow! So schön. Ich möchte auch unbedingt einmal nach Talinn. War gerade in Kopenhagen, das mir auch seeeeeeeehr gut gefallen hat.

Ist übrigens immer wieder schön bei dir;)

Herzliche Grüße