09 February 2011


+ quinoa tabbouleh
+ carrot cupcakes 

I've been getting my act together and cooking (almost) every day. Cooking is still such a chore for me, but it's getting there. I'm starting to enjoy it. I'm planning meals and buying groceries according to a shopping list. Wow, I'm all grown-up! Sisie eats everything (and I mean EVERYTHING. Celery? Brussels sprouts? R a w onion? Num.) Fé, on the other hand, doesn't eat anything. Apples, raw carrots, plain noodles, and cocoa oat milk. Bread. That's it. If it were up to her, she'd eat cookies and ice-cream all day. Man, I hope it's just a phase.

Why am I telling you this? I'm not sure. I just wanted to. :)
The recipes above are good. Also this and this one.

(I used to make fun of people exchanging recipes, you know. And look at me know. Haha. Having kids certainly changes ya.)


Franziska Patterson said...

I love tabbouleh. I usually make it with brown rice, though. :) And Sophia is like Sisie. She's a great eater, and even if it's something new or something she isn't sure about, she'll always at least try it.

Anyway, I love cooking, and grocery shopping, and planning meals. So, I can't relate to the chore part. Baking on the other hand...yuck. Hate it. I'm glad Henry likes it or we'd never have a home-made bread, or crepes, or cookies or cake.

sarafiina said...

Yuummm... looks good! I so look up to you. I'm long ways from being a grown-up... One of these days!

Annakaisa said...

Good for you! I'm trying to be better at cooking too, which I've never enjoyed very much. Mostly because I feel that I'm not very good at it. But the more you cook, the better you become and more confidence you get.. so, I'm trying.
Emma is like Fe, she is pretty picky about food, which adds to my food stress. I hope this next child won't be so picky and would eat better.

MariLouise said...

I truly can't imagine what you are talking about. Your roasted vegetables at the Busby's Thanksgiving dinner are still the only dish I remember from our Boston years. Yes, seriously. They were that good.

Isa said...

MariLouise, hi! And haha. Thank you. What can I say, once I get around to it, the stuff I cook is usually good (thanks to allrecipes.com). I just rarely get around to it. ;)

Kate said...

I think of cooking as some time for myself, I guess that's why I don't mind doing it every day, or even liking it most days. However, I used to be so bad at it that it's not even funny. Back then it was no fun. Not that I'd be some great cook now either but I've gotten better at it just by doing it. The husband did pretty much all of the cooking when we first got married, and he still cooks too, but now I do it more which tells something I guess.

For me, the hardest part in cooking is the mess that follows. Some days it seems that all I do is clean the kitchen. :)

Heli said...

gotta love cooking if you make tabbouleh and carrot cakes!!

fe and v seem to have quite a similar taste on food. phew... it's better to be just a phase.

nossu said...

I sure enjoyed those cupcakes! And the lentil soup was delicious. I would never have guessed you're only getting your act together :) Thanks again!