15 February 2011

Lofty peeks.


Still not finished, but here are a few glimpses.

We are waiting for a closet. Built-in, high-gloss stained white glass. (For now it means that there are clothes and boxes lying around everywhere. It's annoying.)

I'm looking for an old barn door to make a desk. (Anyone have one lying around?) :D

I want to cover our head board in tweed. And big fabric covered buttons.

I am looking for the perfect (affordable) lamp. Something like these, but cheaper.

With two little kids, it all takes so much longer than I thought it would.

I'm craving white, can you tell.

Aaaand: I need to clean the glass, don't I?
(But they still need to do work on it and exchange a few pillars, so it seems pointless.)


snygg said...

Well, even though it's not finished yet, it sounds absolutely great! Can't wait to see pictures of the finished room :)

Katarina said...


Franziska Patterson said...

Love the lamps...love the barn door desk idea (even though I'm not sure what/how you're going to do that - it just sounds like something I'd love). I like white, but I hope you still add a few splashes of color to all your white. :) I guess, if not, Fe and Sisie will take care of that. Haha...And yes, everything takes longer with kids. Henry is always amazed how much longer it takes "just to run to the store" when you take a child with you.

NH said...

Why don't you create your own spagetti-lamb?
Zum Beispiel aus echten Nudeln. Du musst sie doch nur aufweichen/kochen und dann um etwas rundes herumlegen. Erinnerst du dich an unseren Kunstunterricht? Da haben wir einen Luftballon aufgebladen und dann mit Kleister Papier drum herum gelegt. Als wir fertig waren haben wir den Ballon einfach kaput gemacht. Der Kleister sollte auch die Nudeln konservieren. Man dass muss ich mir unbedingt merken und in meine neue Wohnung "implementieren" :D. Du könntest natürlich auch Bast dafür benutzen.

Isa said...

Nina, du kennst mich. Ich hab schon eine Idee... Es involviert aber weder echte Spaghetti noch Kleister und Luftballons, sondern Holzfurnier. :)

Trula said...

Unfortunately can't help with the barn door. But hope you find one. Looking forward to seeing the 'Spaghetti lamp' ;)

the sleepy time gal said...

i love white, but it is hard with kids. i still love it.