09 February 2011

Raise me up.


The Miss after climbing one of the gazillion snow mountains out here. There is so much snow here that trucks have to pick it up a few times a day to ensure we don't drown in it.

Anyway, it's her favorite thing in the world. Snow mountains. (Definitely a true Finn, that one.)

I'm standing at the bottom of a big mountain, too. I'm looking up and I feel like I don't want to climb it. I'd rather just stay on my couch and not do anything about it. But climb it I must, the sooner the better, or it'll only loom larger and larger in the background.

It's good to remember the feeling you get when you've climbed a mountain. The air is clear, you can see for miles... and in the end, it was all worth the effort. Right?

Talking of mountains. An oldie but goodie.
SUCH a great crafting with kids for Valentines idea.

And thank you, Brigg, Fé is so very honored.  :)