28 February 2011

just so

happy birthday
happy birthday2
happy birthday3

It was my birthday last week. I turned 28. You know, the older you get, the less special you think the day is and deserves to be... and the less you start expecting in terms of gifts and parties and things... and the more you secretly hope that maybe, it will be special in some way anyway... and then, bam, wonderful people make it very special, by caring. Thank you, family, for making me feel loved.

Fe and Papa made a great poster. Another family portrait, along with all the things Fe would like to give me... ice-cream, a flower, the sun, a big house with lots of windows... and many yellow lamps (ha, she knows me well! I've been dreaming about this).

Sisie destroyed a toilet paper role, especially for me! And my J (who knows I'm partial to nice wrapping) wrapped my gift in awesome by simply drawing on the ribbon. Creative he is.

We painted snow. And the floor tiles. Unintentionally.

And then I got the loveliest of surprises by sweet Vi of the ever-so-stylish snygg, who sent me the most endearing happy magnets for our fridge. I had left a comment on her blog, a long time ago, telling her I loved them. And she remembered! I am so happy! What a lovely surprise! And she wrote a sweet note on lovely lovely paper, too. Thank you, danke, tack så mycket!!! You made me smile in a big way! :):):)

And so it is that I really enjoyed my birthday this year. There was no big party, but those I loved were there (and chocolate), and that's all that matters.



Where Children Sleep. (via Designmom)
Made this yesterday and it's really, really delicious.
Lemon yellow organic crocheted sunshine.
blog-crush and one more.
to make with Fe. And this.
owl decals (via Pamela).
Thank you Deborah, again. So honored! :)

And a few more things:

First, I'd like to apologize for the previous post, which got published something like ten times. I was playing around with my new phone (new phone, yay birthday) and what can I say, I have not mastered the art of mobile blogging.

Second, would all you lovely people who participated in Craft-It-Forward (wohoo!) please e-mail me your addresses sometime before year-end, so I can send a little something handmade your way... one of these days/weeks/months. :)

Happy week!


Anonymous said...

A little late birthday wishes!
And yes, I absolutely agree with this posting's first couple of lines, about not so special birthdays, yet expected secretely anyway. You put words on my wandering thoughts, again :-)
Lots of sunshine and open the doors for spring!

chaton de luxe said...

happy belated b day - sounds like lovely day!

Anne said...

Happy belated anniversary!

Trula said...

Happy birthday (belated). I think you got the feeling exactly right in the beginning of your blog. And in the end all these lovely surprises.

merathon said...

happy birthday!

the card from Fe was adorablee--LOVE that she thought to include the yellow lamps and the house with all the windows! too cute is that girl!