13 April 2011

My style / her style.

We looked through my pinterest board:

My favorite rooms:


The ladyship's favorite rooms:


You see the problem.

I'd like to get a little bit of both of us into the final product (right now,
things are greatly in favor of the Miss, I think). But HOW?!
I'm working on it.
I earned some money these past weeks by selling some of our stuff.
It feels good to empty the house, and it feels great to earn some money
just for myself. (I had forgotten, I've been at home for so long.)
Anyway, I'm planning on spending it (of course), and I am wondering
on what.

All four of us are off to Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy? for Easter
next week... and I think we'll be spending some time on the flea markets
to find a vintage desk/ school chairs, etc.

 At least both of us agreed on the coolness of this bed:


Now where to find one?




Franziska Patterson said...

I'm with Fe. I like he room picks better than yours. ;) Also, can you please like extra enjoy Germany, Austria and Switzerland for me. You know my family dwells in all those countries, right? Sigh...

And, thanks so much for those cute little mittens. It was 27 degrees on Sunday here, so I think we are in fact a bit out of the winter weather, but hey, we're not done having kids. So, I'm sure they'll get used!

Enjoy your little vacation/trip!

Isa said...

Yeah, her's are definitely more girly/friendly. But I prefer the vintagey/serene feel of my picks, and I'd like to incorporate that into her room. Right now it's too girly I think.. Well, we'll see.

Her eit's still very much mitten weather, I always can't believe it isn't in other countries (although I should know better.) I hope you get to use them some day... maybe they won't be too small next winter?

And yes, I'll male sure to enjoy the trip, for sure.

Isa said...

lots of typos, sorry.

NH said...

Ich mag das Bild mit dem Fellboden und der bläulichen Wand. Ist aber eher was für Jungs denke ich. Wahrscheinlich mag ich es, weil ich selbst nie einen solchen Teppich kaufen würde. Der sähe nach genau einem Monat aus wie vom Recyclinghof... ach ja und die Puppen die da auf dem Stuhl (links im Bild) sitzen sehen aus wie aus einem schlechen Horrorfilm ;). Aber sonst ein toller Raum: gemütlich und kindlich, aber nicht kitschig.

ChantaleP said...

Oh I've seen your Pinterest pics and I'm pretty sure I've been repinning most of them. heehee! Honestly, it really doesn't matter so much what you might be tormented about in terms of adding/subtracting from the room. Why? Because it's so damn creative and amazing already!! I have almost no say to my K's room anymore. There is bandaid collection stuck to her headboard, stickers everywhere.. paper on the walls.. huboy. But I like she sticks to her convictions. : ) Have a super lovely lovely easter break!

alliot + iza said...

I'm with you Isa, I love your picks :) The vintage school desk and chair, the map, the chalk board, the color ... But, I would also like to have the birds on ceiling and the real size goose ... maybe one more vintage globe ...
Oh sorry! Too involved :)
It's such a fun post!

soisses-dasleben said...

alle ein traum *seufz* da könnte man schon wieder alles umräumen ;) das letzte bild is der hammer!

Isa said...

NH, haha. Stimmt.

alliot + iza: never too involved! I like to hear opinions. :)

soisses, isses!

Heli said...

just put one of those princess canopys in the room and the rest you can decide yourself. ugh.

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

eine wunderbare ideensammlung! eines schöner als das andere, sehr inspirierend!
liebe frühlingsgrüße, éva

Fée la photo said...

for your visit in my blog. du you speak french?
i like to visit your blog and your idea.....

Isa said...

Heli, true. Maybe I have to bring back the Snowhite canopy.

Maybe I should also worry about things that actually matter. (I do, I do, just not on this blog.) :)

Fée la photo, seulement un petit peu. :(

Tracey said...

There's still a similarity. She still likes the grey muted tones as long as there's some pink turquoise in their too with accessories...oh and she definitely likes the fairytale muslin netting!...maybe some white muslin curtains instead?!

Have a great break my lovely. xx