09 April 2011



I'd like to thank sweet Sirja for awarding me the Gorgeous Blogger Award.
Thank you for your kind words. :) I really feel very honored that you read my blog.

The award comes with a few questions:

1. When did you start blogging?
I started my first blog in November 2008. Fé was 18 months old then (whoa!).
When Sisi was born, I started this blog: Schlitzohren. That means, roughly translated,
little rascals.

2. What do you write about in your blog? (what's your blog about?)
I think I blog about my children, mostly. Motherhood, a bit of the everyday,
the ups and the downs, too (remember when I just quit this blog for 8 weeks...?!).
And whatever things pop in my mind.

3. What makes your blog special?
 The same thing that makes everybody's blog special:  my own unique self.

4. What made you take up blogging?
I hardly know. I had a need to share. And I wanted to keep friends and family
in the loop about what's happening with us. (It was a more personal blog back then...
with pictures of diarrhea on the wall, the most random pieces of writing
[about Twilight and Obama and such things], summaries of family trips... ).

5. What would you like to change in your blog (if anything)?
I day-dream about having a fancy, professional blog with scheduled posts
like Food Mondays and Inspiration Fridays and Pretty Perfects, etc. But it's
not very me to have scheduled anythings. So, you'll just keep getting the random
mesh of me-ness., I'm afraid. :)

I'd also like to write more German.


I'm awarding this award to one of my new favorite blogs, Izakoo:
Your photos always make me smile.

AND: We planted flowers today, wearing our new rainboots. It must be spring!

Happy weekend!



Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

Wieder mal so tolle Fotos ud das kinderzimmer erst, von deinem vorigen Post. So schön! Liebe Grüße, Éva

Christina said...

Thanks for the translation of Schlitzohren! All this time I've been puzzled. Slit ears? Slot ears? :)

Yanyan said...

you absolutely deserves this award and Izakoo is my favorite too!! Have a great weekend.

Trula said...

That makes me want to plant something, too. I really like your blog the way it is - no scheduling necessary ;)

Tracey said...

ha. I've always been curious what your blog title meant! x Loving your question answers! x

alliot + iza said...

Thanks sweet Isa! I'm thrilled!!!
I would organize a bit and share with you all :)

ChantaleP said...

I love your blog the way it is right now too: random loveliness!