14 April 2011

Spring Bouquet


It's been a bit warmer around here lately (by warm I mean plus 5 degrees, woot!),
but still nowhere near warm enough for flowers to grow. So we decided to make
our own spring "flower" bouquet by using cupcake liners, felt pens, and pipe

Such simple things can bring such happiness!

(Idea from here via here.)

PS I'd love one.


Yanyan said...

lovely idea and beautiful flowers. Hope it will gets warmer soon!!

Kate said...

Lovely flowers. We have some real ones on our yard already. For reals. Oh, how I love the sun.

ChantaleP said...

OH! Too pretty.. spring came here in Mtl and then, poof! Suddenly went. lol. It's colder again and looks like rain for the weekend. Bummer. Hope it stays warm and sunny where you are! Happy weekend. : )

Stacie said...

So pretty! Great idea, they are the cutest things in the world; and I bet super fun to make!

Annabella said...

Die sehen hübscher aus, als echte es je könnten! Wunderschön!
Und bestimmt wird es bald wärmer!

Bohème Circus said...

I like very much this pretty bouquet of paper !