01 February 2011



I like February. February is a good month. It's the party month. There's cakes. There's fun. It's Jonni's birthday next week. Then there's Valentine's Day. The week after that I turn 28. 28! (I have a feeling this will be one of the last years in which I am public about my age.) Then there's the Oscars.

I really, really like February.

(These pictures are from November, Finnish Father's Day. Can you tell how much she wants that cake.)


Haruki Murakami love fest. Read the quote, too.
Carnival season is coming up in Germany. I want to go.
Sleepovers. Fe is old enough now. Woo.
I am so making a flower pinata for Fé's birthday next month.
New blog-love.
We'll be here tomorrow.

My Pinterest.


Franziska Patterson said...

Nice, when is your b-day? Maybe little Alba will make an appearance on your special day. :)

Isa said...

the 21st. It's a good day. :)

snygg said...

Fasching, ehrlich? Wollen wir tauschen? Ich würde diese Woche drum herum am liebsten flüchten. Urlaub, irgendwo im Warmen. Eigentlich egal, wohin, Hauptsache Clownfreie Zone :)

Anonymous said...

I do too. I have both of my boys birthday. this week and then next week.
nice links once again.

Franziska Patterson said...

Well, it's George Washington's b-day as well, so Henry has that day off, and we are kind of hoping that if Misses makes an early appearance that that's one of her days to pick (so Henry can be there for the birth...).

Isa said...

snygg, haha. Nicht für mich, fuer Fe. Wuerde es ihre gerne zeigen.

Annakaisa said...

February IS a good month indeed! In our house we celebrate E's Birthday, and week later the Husband's Birthday too. Cakes, cakes...

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

Oh, ja du hast Recht,der Februar ist toll! Der Frühling ist bald da! Die Schneeglöckchen blühen...!
wundervolle Geburtstagsbilder! Alles Gute !!!!

chaton de luxe said...

love that first picture! the colours of those candles really stand out for me today on this grey winter day!!

Salla said...

As i said yesterday I'm glad it's February; summer is almost here!

Beautiful father's day picture. H loves b-days. She has already told us that she can help her little sister to blow the candles from sister's 1st birthday cake.

soisses said...

HEY, so viele geburtstage in kurzer zeit!!! wow, da wird ja dann echt viel gefeiert. das ist doch wirklich total schön... und 28 ist ein gutes alter. ich bin jetzt 31. ist auch super.