12 March 2011



We are practicing for next week's birthday party, which will be Pippi Longstocking themed, and will involve  a lot of walking on and jumping off furniture (and other such great stuff). Fe has been counting down to this birthday for what seems like the last eight months.

I love that birthdays are big and grand in childhood. They should be.


soisses said...

du bist eine tolle mama :) schön, dass die kinder bei dir auch kind sein dürfen - wild, springend, liebend... toll!

soisses said...

mensch mensch mensch mensch... weißt was??! ich war gar nimmer deine leserin!?!? weiß zwar nicht warum, aber ist so... und würd ich grad nicht meine lieblingsblogs zwecks blogroll zusammen suchen (wo du bei bist), wäre mir das wohl gar nicht aufgefallen.

lg dani

heini said...

Nice idea! F is such a character. Always so interesting to see her face :)

snygg said...

Tjolahopp tjolahej tjolahoppsan sa :)
Tolle Fotos!

Christina said...

A Pippi Party sounds AWESOME! I wish we could be there.

Anonymous said...

I love Pippi - can't wait to see Fe's pippi party!

rahel said...

Oh- that sounds fun! I am at the moment creating a Pippi-costume for my daughter. She loves the story and she wants to dress up as Pippi for Purim (a jewish holiday where the kids dress up).
Have lot's of fun on the birthday-party!!!

NH said...

Love Pippi - was her biggest fan in childhood. The best is, that I watched a film last week an it was as funny as in my memories :), even through a differend perspective.