09 March 2011

Pretty in Pink


This morning, I forgot that it was Tuesday today, which means we missed kerho (playschool). I simply forgot! Seriously, sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going. Fé, who tends to be overly dramatic, was mortified, so I told her she could pick any activity and we'd do it, and of all the things she could have picked, she picked dress-up. Specifically, dress up as princess (of course).

Unlike other girls, Fé a real princess. But Sisie stole her ladyship's sun glasses and court hat. Sometimes it's hard to be a princess. (Also: siblings keep you grounded.) (Also: Sisters are awesome.)

It's Mardi Gras / laskiainen today. I'm always a bit grumpy because they don't have Carnival here, but we decided to follow Finnish tradition and made laskiaispulla (Shrove buns, ie cardamom buns with jam and cream... our jam turned out a bit runny...) People in Finland traditionally also go sledding and eat pea soup. Strange, but fun.



Tracey said...

Looks like your day was more fun than playschool! You are not the only one who forgets either. x

ChantaleP said...

Happy Shrove Tuesday to you all! I only learned about this Finnish tradition today from my other friend living in Helsinki. The buns and sledding tradition sounds so good.
Your photos here are fantastic! Love the little pink princess.. So pretty! I so want her pink glasses. lol. Sweet sister shots too..

the sleepy time gal said...

ahh... princesses, they can be so demanding in their pink, can't they? :)

Franziska Patterson said...

Love the pictures, love the idea of sisterhood - can't wait for my girls to be playing more. Right now it's just Sophia playing with Alba, and me trying to keep the baby alive in the process. haha...

That filled bun looks like I need to eat it.

Trula said...

Great fotos. She is one cool princess. And siblings, well... they want to be cool, too.

NH said...

Wow that looks really tasty. And sweet and unhealthy ;). Love the pic where Fé looks offended - what a drama to Sissi had stolen her magic sunglases and hat ;).

sarafiina said...

I swear this has happened to me before! Can't remember when, but that feeling of not knowing what on earth I'm doing sure rings a bell. I actually think we've forgotten kerho several times during the past three years... poor kids. I hope I'm cured by the time they start school!

Darcy said...

Beautiful photos!!

d. said...

oh yes, these pictures are soooo great!