13 October 2010

And the winner...

... of the Grain & Silk Giveaway...
... as chosen by random.org...

... is...
... drumroll....

... lucky number "6."  

Franziska Patterson,
who said

"Urgh...I agree. I like a lot of those prints. 
Well, if I win 
(which I won't because the best thing I've ever won was a plastic bag), 
I'd like 'Shh'."
Well, Congratulations!


Thank you everybody for participating!


Franziska Patterson said...

I am so excited. Really. I can't believe my luck. Ok, so but the weirdest thing is that I was No. 6 for that other give-away as well. I think I'll enter any give-away this week where I'll be the sixth person to enter. Apparently it's the lucky number of the week.

Anyway, thanks for doing this. I already have a spot picked for the print. :) Yipee for winning.

flowing moments said...

congratulations Franziska :)

and thank you Katarina and Isa for organizing the give away !!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Yes congratulations to Franziska because really you should win more than a plastic bag in your life.

IPH said...

Hallo liebe Isa,

hier hab ich einen Blog gefunden der glaub ich genau was für dich und deinen Einrichtungsstil entsprechen könnte. Kanst ja mal schauen


gruß und bussi an die lütten