07 April 2012

New Home


I've decided to move this blog to a new space.
Come see our new home. 


06 April 2012

to bear a teddy









After much pondering, over-thinking, and wading through the strange lands of my
inner mind, I have decided to keep this little blog of mine.

Happy Easter weekend.


29 February 2012

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24 February 2012

RAWR Magazine

Photo Daniela Talvitie
Styling Elina Felin
Dress Tiia Vanhatapio
Make-up Aino-Sophia Kojonen
Hair Taryn Renee Baker 
Model Mia

How are you all?
I have been well.
Really well.

My family was visiting from Germany
this past weekend
and oh
I loved it so.


I have been a horrible blogger lately. 
I know.

But the reason is that 
I've been working on

a new blog

with a bunch of friends,
and I'm so excited
I can finally tell you!

We are launching the site 
in 5 days, 
on Wednesday the 29th, 
so check back here for the link,
 sometime in the evening.

We have a nice little collection 
of articles and photos 
together now.

I've been interviewing
 and writing
and it makes me
so very happy.

It's been a blast, 
 and I can't wait to show you what 
we've put together! 

Stay tuned.

I must say I am simply in love 
with this picture my friend Dani took.
 I want that flower crown...
and those freckles.


  I agree 100% with everything Gaby says here
especially the sex bit.



13 February 2012


valentines 023
valentines 021
valentines 016

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? We do, every year; something we picked up
while living in the US.

Hand heart stamps are still my favorite (Valentine's or Mother's Day) gift idea ever.
The idea is by Khali and her instructions are here.

valentines 013
valentines 012

Btw, thank you all so much for your kind words on my previous post. I am still in
the process of figuring out what to eat. I do manage to not eat wheat etc on most days,
but it has had the unfortunate side effect of me drinking liters of coca cola and eating
tons of chocolate (bad, bad! Why am I not allergic to the unhealthy stuff).

Here is another cute Valentine's idea.
And here, too.
I want to do this with Fe next spring!

Happy Valentine's Day!

01 February 2012

Bug season.

krank 027 2

40 degrees fever and a big fat stomach bug.
Both of them.
Oh dear!

Also: I got some lab results back, and it turns out I am allergic to everything. I mean, everything.
The only things I am not allergic to are: egg whites, fish, milk, cabbage, rice. And dust mites. That's it!

Oh dear! (Though, honestly, I feel oddly empowered by the knowledge and even somewhat ecstatic.
If you have any advice on how to live without wheat, gluten, fruits, or most veggies, please share.)

PS Thank you, Apartment Therapy.

26 January 2012

drawing on tables

crazy 032

crazy 025

crazy 024

crazy 031

We drew on our dining table with crayons today. Some friends helped, too. It was fun! :D

(I'm pretty sure I could get it off with soap and water if I wanted, but we are getting
a new table next week, so I figured, why not. Haha, I'm not completely crazy.)

Sorry for the post overload today.

PS This etsy shop... oh!


crazy 012
crazy 021
crazy 018

Fe has been having nightmares, so I let her paint a picture of our family onto the window blind
right above/behind her bed.  Fe, Sisi, mom, and then dad (the sunlike one, without a body).

May there be happy dreams from now on, sweet little one (I sometimes forget she is only 4).

24 January 2012

Sweater into Hat and Mittens

i tried to sew 001i tried to sew 002

i tried to sew 010

i tried to sew 012

One of my cashmere sweaters (actually my one cashmere sweater...) was accidentally
felted when it got washed and dried alongside our towels... GASP! (The Mr did it and
he is adequately sorry.)

Anyway, I didn't want to throw it away, so I decided to make a hat and mittens out of it
for Sisi. The crafty people tell me that's easy. And the mittens were easy, I just traced her
hand directly onto the sleeve of the sweater (hey, who has time for templates!), cut it out,
sewed, by hand, because I still haven't figured out sewing machines. They intimidate me.
The thumb-part turned out  a bit funky, but it actually  makes it easier for the little one to put
her thumb in. Ha! The hat is... well, it is original for sure. Maybe I should use a pattern next time.
(I simply don't have the patience to follow instructions. If you do, then click here for a tutorial.)
I was also too lazy to finish it off properly, I hear one should use binding or something. Oh well.

Still, having created something makes me happy, even when it's imperfect. The mittens
we'll definitely use.



23 January 2012

hello yellow

yellowcoat 004yellowcoat 023

yellowcoat 009



Somebody has been a bit independent and moody lately. I sometimes feel like I have a teenager in the
home. They don't start puberty at 4, do they?

19 January 2012


Finnish winter while driving the car

snow2 099ed

snow2 070 2ed2

Snow muffles all sounds a white quiet.

You know I used to think that Finns, like their long winters, are just really boring in their stoic reserve,
but I'm beginning to wonder if, like their long winters, they have simply mastered the art of calm.

(Not all Finns, but certainly quite a few.)