16 April 2011


We are off for 3 weeks. I'm so excited (almost as excited as Sisie was about these blueberry muffins): Can't wait. See you later!

14 April 2011

Spring Bouquet


It's been a bit warmer around here lately (by warm I mean plus 5 degrees, woot!),
but still nowhere near warm enough for flowers to grow. So we decided to make
our own spring "flower" bouquet by using cupcake liners, felt pens, and pipe

Such simple things can bring such happiness!

(Idea from here via here.)

PS I'd love one.

13 April 2011

My style / her style.

We looked through my pinterest board:

My favorite rooms:


The ladyship's favorite rooms:


You see the problem.

I'd like to get a little bit of both of us into the final product (right now,
things are greatly in favor of the Miss, I think). But HOW?!
I'm working on it.
I earned some money these past weeks by selling some of our stuff.
It feels good to empty the house, and it feels great to earn some money
just for myself. (I had forgotten, I've been at home for so long.)
Anyway, I'm planning on spending it (of course), and I am wondering
on what.

All four of us are off to Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy? for Easter
next week... and I think we'll be spending some time on the flea markets
to find a vintage desk/ school chairs, etc.

 At least both of us agreed on the coolness of this bed:


Now where to find one?



11 April 2011



A good and a bad weekend. Lots of family time, walks and parks, some sunshine, too;
dinner in downtown Helsinki with the best of friends; meaningful conversations;
chocolate fondant; lots of cuddles and all four of us together, together, forever,
in bed on Saturday morning;
No sleep (the little one has been waking up thirty times at night... a tummy ache) and a
cranky me on Sunday morning. I banged doors (and at church!), not intentionally,
but still. Went home to take a nap, felt better, made this (see above). And we all ate
it happily. Sometimes what stands between grumpiness and happiness is a little sweet

So, yes to sweetness. Yes to Initiative Sonntagssüss:

kaura-omenapaistos  (baked apples with oat flakes = Gebackene Äpfel mit Haferflocken).

1kg saure Äpfel
1 Tl Zimt
100 g Butter oder Margarine
50 ml Zucker (gerne brauner)
300 ml Haferflocken

(Das mit den ml Angaben für trockene Zutaten ist für Deutsche etwas ungewöhnlich,
aber mal ehrlich gesagt, super praktisch.)

1. Äpfel schälen und entkernen. Vierteln. In eine gefettete Backform legen.
2. Zimt drueber. Die Butter im Topf oder in der Mikro schmelzen, und den Zucker
und die Haferflocekn hinzugeben. Umrühren. Auf die Äpfel streichen.
3. Im vorgeheizten Ofen bei 200 Grad fuer 20 min backen (oder bis die Haferflocken knusprig sind).


PS want.

09 April 2011



I'd like to thank sweet Sirja for awarding me the Gorgeous Blogger Award.
Thank you for your kind words. :) I really feel very honored that you read my blog.

The award comes with a few questions:

1. When did you start blogging?
I started my first blog in November 2008. Fé was 18 months old then (whoa!).
When Sisi was born, I started this blog: Schlitzohren. That means, roughly translated,
little rascals.

2. What do you write about in your blog? (what's your blog about?)
I think I blog about my children, mostly. Motherhood, a bit of the everyday,
the ups and the downs, too (remember when I just quit this blog for 8 weeks...?!).
And whatever things pop in my mind.

3. What makes your blog special?
 The same thing that makes everybody's blog special:  my own unique self.

4. What made you take up blogging?
I hardly know. I had a need to share. And I wanted to keep friends and family
in the loop about what's happening with us. (It was a more personal blog back then...
with pictures of diarrhea on the wall, the most random pieces of writing
[about Twilight and Obama and such things], summaries of family trips... ).

5. What would you like to change in your blog (if anything)?
I day-dream about having a fancy, professional blog with scheduled posts
like Food Mondays and Inspiration Fridays and Pretty Perfects, etc. But it's
not very me to have scheduled anythings. So, you'll just keep getting the random
mesh of me-ness., I'm afraid. :)

I'd also like to write more German.


I'm awarding this award to one of my new favorite blogs, Izakoo:
Your photos always make me smile.

AND: We planted flowers today, wearing our new rainboots. It must be spring!

Happy weekend!


07 April 2011

Kinderzimmer IV

girls room
girls room
girls room
girls room
girls room
girls room
girls room

Nicole got the room for little Annabelle finished, and it totally inspired me to work on Fé's (now that the loft got approved and we've been able to get rid of most of the boxes that have been taking up all of our space). Here are a few glimpses. It's still not finished (I need that granny square rug, thanks for agreeing.). And I want to paint a rainbow on the wall, above the bed, among other things (but the husband still needs some convincing... hmm. Sometimes men should not get to have a say, hehe.) I also need to find a place to hang the huge pink canvas we painted together a while ago... decisions, decisions.

To be continued.

PS This birthday party gives me an inferiority complex.

04 April 2011



In den Farbtopf "gefallen."
She got into my make-up.


Und einen Schokokuchen für unseren montäglichen Familienabend gebacken. Rezept hier.
And we baked a chocolate cake for Monday's family night (= no TV, no computer, just family).

A good day.

PS Order or not?