31 July 2010


Tallinn, Estonia. I'm bumping it up to favorite city of all Northern cities, higher on my list than even Stockholm, that old Queen of ScandinavianTowns. We happened to find what's possibly the best chocolaterie in the world, hidden away in a little courtyard... hot cocoa served in Bohemian china, gold muslin on antique chairs, string violinists playing summer sonatas... sitting and chatting with childhood friends, and the sun burning happiness on our faces.

26 July 2010

What To Do With Red Currants

1. Pick, eat, and smile.
2. Red Currant Sorbet.
3. Cous Cous Currant Salad with hummous.
4. Red Currant Vinaigrette.
5. Eggplant Salad with Currants
6. Raspberry Currant Ice-Cream
7. Marmalade. For example here.
8. Juice. For example here.
9. Oma's Red Currant Tart:

(Make your favorite tart crust. For the filling, whisk together: 1 dl red currants, 1 dl sugar, 1 dl kermaviili [= curd cream (sour cream works, too)], 1 egg, a sprinkling of summer, cardamom to taste. Pour into tart crust. Bake for ca. 45 minutes on 175 degrees.) Burn the edges just a little. :)

23 July 2010


Miss Fé's favorite toys at the moment. These five bottles. Meet Nord from Finland, EDM from Germany, Loka from Sweden, Novelle from France, and Mr. Gatorade from America. They all speak a different language. For the most part, they try to be friends. Mr. Gatorade would like to travel to Africa very badly, but they don't have enough food there for his taste.

Clever, that one.

PS. ... jonathan is at it again!

21 July 2010


We've been on the road a lot lately. Going back to check the status of our building project. The news is, almost nothing has happened. We've been living outside our home for four weeks now, and we still don't even have a new stair case. Grr. Contractually, the project needs to be done in two weeks at the latest. Let's see if it is. I have my doubts.

But, I must admit, we've had fun traveling in our teeny tiny Polo. Listening to Groove FM and Radio Aalto. It's so hot that we (and I mean all of us) travel in our underpants (-diaper). (I didn't take pictures ;)). Sisie got hungry so we stopped at a bus stop. I walked out in my underpants... lots of onlookers waving. Hehe, I don't care. We painted ourselves (and the Shrek figurine) with a ballpen that we found in the car. War paint. The Underpants Warriors! Watch out!

PS Lila has the coolest bedroom (and name).

Summer Walk

You know when it's so hot that the air feels thicker somehow, and the sun washes out the colors? It usually only happens to me on vacation (that I feel this way), but this year, with all that heat in Finland, I've felt it here, too. The grass has been burned and it is such an exotic sight! Browns and yellows... I feel like I'm in the Mediterranean. I love summer (especially this one)! (Are you getting tired of me saying it?)

We took a stroll to a nearby Kirppis (flea market) with the whole family. We made a few good finds, including two vintage Smena cameras for 6 € each! There was a beautiful Russian icon there as well. Painted on wood, framed in an old golden frame. J and I loved it, but we weren't sure if it was genuine, and it was a bit pricey, so we didn't buy it. Now I regret it. Maybe I'll go back today and hope it's still there.

PS. If I had to sum up my style in just a handful of pictures, these would be it. (And look, there is an icon on the wall, too!)

19 July 2010


Fé and I went fishing today. We fished yellow fish, green and orange sea stars, and even a purple dolphin. I gotta say, it's really rather fun! (Green, green , green is my favorite color, can you tell).

... and I don't want summer to end. Ever.

18 July 2010


I am blessed.
With lovely friends.
Inspiring women and wonderful mothers.

Thank you for a great momma trip to Stockholm!