18 August 2011

Horn of Africa

30,000 children have died. 500,000 children are in danger of starvation. 11 million people need urgent aid.

I know people don't read this blog to be told what to do. I hate being preachy, and I judge nobody.

But please donate.

Here or here or here. If you are in Germany: here. Or anywhere you like.

Even if it's just a little.

You can also fan this facebook page (25 cents will be donated for every like).

This is a picture of mothers and children who made it to a refugee camp on time.  (Source: ap.)

Sorry, there is nothing else I can blog at the moment. Anything I'd have to say about my blessed little life is trivial.


Franziska Patterson said...

Ya know, I hate it as well being in peoples' face about stuff like this. But then again I feel like I can't just sit around and not say something, just because someone's tender feelings may get hurt by my suggesting that we should do something.

I believe in right and wrong. And I simply think it's wrong to not give when we do not only have sufficient, but live in a society based on over-consumption and waste. It's just not cool. And so at the end I guess I feel more compelled to do the morally right thing than spare someone the discomfort of having to think about how unfortunate many other people are in the world and how ridiculously good we've got it.

Anyway, yes. It does seem like everything else is trivial,doesn't it?

Doesn't change the fact though that Sisi is supercute. I loved the pictures Fe took of her!

Isa said...

I agree. Well said.

There are times when we need to throw away our formalities and simply do the right thing.

Isa said...

Oh, just one more thing. I think people may not get offended because they don't want to be inconvenienced by uncomfortable images. I think they may be offended/annoyed because they think that donating 5$ here and there won't make a real difference, that the people who donate only do so to quiet their own bad conscience so that they can go on stuffing their faces with cake. And of course they are right, in that what really needs to happen is us completely rethinking our wasteful way of life, in the long run, instead of donating a few bucks whenever disaster strikes.

Still, 1 dollar can already keep a child alive for a day, and there is immeasurable value in that, so it's the best we can do right now.

Annakaisa said...

I'm glad you are speaking for this cause. It's so horrible and makes me want to cry every time I see these starving children...