25 November 2011



I adore these pictures Miss Fe took of something that was on TV. That first one, it looks like Sisi is
looking out the window.

Stokke + board = slide

PPS Sorry it has been so quiet. One of us is always sick. Right now it's Sisi, before that it was me,
before that Fe, and so on. I'll be back when we are feeling better again. :)


Salla said...

Wow, few weeks ago I was already ordering that slide from Connox, but delivery cost to Finland was like 200€!!! I would have put that slide to our "puolapuut". But maybe our kids will manage to live without it :)

Hope you'll get finally better and we can see.

Fe had her camera at H's bday, but she was so disappointed when there was no battery on it.

Have a nice weekend!

Helen said...

What a gorgeous view out of your window!

I hope everyone gets well soon.

Nina said...

Gute Besserung euch allen :).
Das erste Bild ist wirklich besonders schön!

Mein gewisses Etwas said...

Alles Gute Euch und vor allem gute Besserung!

Das erste Bild ist wirklich wundervoll. Hättest Du nicht erwähnt, dass das der Fernseher ist, ich hätte es nicht gemerkt!

Liebste Grüße, Sindy

Tracey said...

i know how you feel on the sick front. I don't feel like doing anything! These pictures are amazing. Talented young lady...yes you! ;)