19 January 2012


Finnish winter while driving the car

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snow2 070 2ed2

Snow muffles all sounds a white quiet.

You know I used to think that Finns, like their long winters, are just really boring in their stoic reserve,
but I'm beginning to wonder if, like their long winters, they have simply mastered the art of calm.

(Not all Finns, but certainly quite a few.)


millefeuilles said...

I come to your blog with relish! It is so inspiring to dip into your corner of the world.

I am a snow child at heart - often frustrated as we have so little snow - and I love the different shades of white of a winter landscape.

My dentist is a Finn and I really like talking with her!

Earny from Earncastle said...

wunderschöne Fotos!
ich liebe ihn, den Schnee und den Winter.

Oon said...

Beautiful! It makes me shiver, though.

lilla a said...

I can here that special sound of snow. Wonderful pictures.

IPH said...

Ein Traum in Weiss ;D

Miriam said...

Oh, wie wunder-, wunderschön! Ich sehne mich so diesem, genau diesem Weiß – ich will es hören, sehen, fühlen, riechen und schmecken. Doch hier ist es nur grau mit Regen, Regen, Regen. Das tut schon fast weh.

Liebe Grüße!

Nina said...

Sehr schön. Wenn es doch nicht nur so kalt wäre :).