13 February 2012


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Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? We do, every year; something we picked up
while living in the US.

Hand heart stamps are still my favorite (Valentine's or Mother's Day) gift idea ever.
The idea is by Khali and her instructions are here.

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Btw, thank you all so much for your kind words on my previous post. I am still in
the process of figuring out what to eat. I do manage to not eat wheat etc on most days,
but it has had the unfortunate side effect of me drinking liters of coca cola and eating
tons of chocolate (bad, bad! Why am I not allergic to the unhealthy stuff).

Here is another cute Valentine's idea.
And here, too.
I want to do this with Fe next spring!

Happy Valentine's Day!


millefeuilles said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your ADORABLE daughters. I trust they are back to normal now after their bug?

I think about you and wonder how you are adapting to your new eating regime. I hope you are being supported by somebody out there as it must be a little bewildering to start with. I think your coke and chocolate easing will ease with time. You need time to adapt.

Warmest wishes,


Oon said...

We usually don't, but this is supersweet.

Irene said...

Adorable idea and beautifully executed!

Unknown said...

Oh what a great idea! These images are super sweet. Hm, isn't Valentine's Day celebrated all over the world?

Kate said...

Ihanaa ystävänpäivää my friend!

Anonymous said...

hyvää ystävänpäivää Isa!!
you strong and beautiful Woman!

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

tolle idee und wunderbare fotos. liebe grüße, éva

Anonymous said...

Hallo Isa,
ich habe dieses Jahr am Valentinstag genau an diesen Handstempel gemacht, mache es mit dem Kleinen aber zum Geburtstag des Herrn Papa erst. Danke für die Anleitung, ich hätte sie sonst nie wieder gefunden!
Deine Fotos werden immer besser und ich finde, es wird Zeit, dass du einen Etsy-Shop eröffnest. Die Winterbilder! Und die Türen (aus Tallinn?) damals? Großartig.
Viele Grüße,Stine

IPH said...

Da ich leider meine ganzen Email-adressen noch nicht auf dem neuen PC habe, sende ich dir auf diesem Wege alles alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag. Lass ich ordentlich feiern, beschenken und hab einen schönen Tag.

Fühl dich mal ganz doll gedrückt BUSSI Irene

Oon said...

Are you ok? I miss your posts.

Isa said...

Hi Oon, sorry. Yes, we are fine! I'm just really busy working on something. Will let you all know soon!