17 July 2010

Moomin World I

Yes, we're still alive! We've just been out, out, out in the sun. It's been hot and wonderful here. The hottest summer in 75 years, they say. Heat like this is a rarity here, so I feel a sort of pressure to soak up every bit of it.

I love summer. And cotton candy. I always had it at Kirmes (a parish fair) as a child in Germany. It was pink and big and sugary (= heavenly). In Moomin World it's green and also quite lovely.

Talking of Moomin World, the Moomins turned out to be rather nice trolls who allowed us to take some pictures of their home. It's rather stylish, we thought.

I just love the Moomins. I think they are the most wonderful literary family ever devised. Who is your favorite Moomin?

Fé's is Moomintroll himself. I have a thing for Little My.


Nina said...

Don't know any of them and I also think they look strange. Aren't they a product of the 70th or something? I'm a child of the 80th so I watched something else. What I really loved were The Jetsons and The Snorks, The Smurfs and My little Pony (some girly stuff). Later on I used to watch Spiderman, X-Man and Captain Planet. My Comic-TV-Period ended up with Sailormoon - thankfully. That's what I remember. Quiet funny if I think of all the stuff that I watched. But apart from all that comic stuff my real hero was Pipi Longstocking :).

Isa said...

I never watched them as a kid. In fact, I didn't even know about them until we moved to Finland. But they are wonderful! I'm in love! :) (And I'm talking about the books, the TV show is no comparison).

As to cartoons, I LOVED the Jetsons and The Smurfs. The Snorks were too weird for my taste at the time. I never watched My Little Pony, but I did love Captain Planet. And Pippi, of course!

Hehe, good times!!!