06 October 2010

Origami Mobile How-to (Sort Of)

Fold origami birds (instructions.) Puncture holes into their tops.
Push wire (I used 0.8 mm) through hole.
Cut wire at desired length (about 50cm in my case, with one bird attached at each end).
Play with wire (fun!).
Figure out how to knot the wires together at the top (hint: crafting pliers help!).
Try really hard to shape the wire into something curvy and beautiful. 
Give up after 5 minutes and decide that "kind of funky" works just great for you!


A bucket chandelier.
Heritage in a box.
DIY coffee table.
Got a leftover glove?
... Can you find my picture among all of these?


Khali said...

Just lovely! (The links are great too.)

Signe said...

So cute :)

Heli said...

where did you get all those beautiful papers?
we made our version just about a week ago. gotta post it, too.

Isa said...

Heli, I won them at a giveaway on little.lovely. :)

(I had actually been trying to find some nice ones in Finland, but wasn't able to. Where did you get your's? And you definitely have to post some pics!)

Jude said...

Oh wow, I used to make these as a kid, and I'm getting nice nostalgia now! Lovely :)

Anonymous said...

this is lovely:) i still have a wee paper bird just like these that a friend from japan made me over 25 year ago. nostalgia here too:)


Heli said...

isa, i get my best origami papers from my japanologist-friend who visits japan every now & then. everyone should have a friend like that. :D