31 December 2010

Happy New Year!


Do you have any New Year resolutions? I don't have any this year (apart from the usual eating healthy, exercising, getting up early, going to bed early, stop biting my finger nails, stop biting my toe nails, start wearing real clothes every day, becoming quite perfect in general, getting my doctorate degree, changing the world, learning how to cook well, learning how to bake better, opening a cafe, opening a restaurant, too, and a Bed & Breakfast in an old mansion that we'll acquire magically somehow, and writing the break-out novel, and a children's book, too.) No, I thought, this year, for a change, all I want to do is to love my family and friends, which I already do, so hey, this will be easy.

A Happy, Glorious New Year to all of you!


Anonymous said...

to you too <3

Nina said...

5 hours left and we already messed up our dinner - just could't find the fondue-pot... also there's nothing at our home that has to do with rituals other people celebrate on this day: no firework, no alcohol no family or friends. sometimes i think i don't need this stuff, sometimes i think i'm an oddball. however - i don't miss a thing.

wish you all the best for the new year and that you don't give up your resolutions. i don't give up mine either. for what else people celebrate this day?

GUTEN RUTSCH oder "guten Beschluss" wie sie hier sagen - die komischen Vögel :).

Heli said...

you bite your toe nails? don't quit it! it must be a great yoga excercise.

Isa said...

Heli, it's called the Toeward Facing Duck and it's a great thigh stretch. Highly recommend. :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Isa,
A very happy and glorious year 2011 to you and your lovely little family. And please, stop biting your nails!!!! wherever they are :-D

Tracey said...

toe nails? Always though that was an urban myth! xx

Katarina said...

Happy New Year to you too, Isa! I've been away, so catching up now :)