02 January 2011

Day One.


Mmhhh. Lazy days. Playing together, cuddling together, spending time together, all four of us. (Hanging out with friends, too). What better start into the new year!

I remember now why I started blogging. I wanted to find beauty in the everyday, capture the fleeting moments that I'd otherwise forget, and maybe not even notice. Glory in the mundane... The way they all grab those cards. The way her soft skin looks against the pink bow. Small legs and big legs and really big legs. The way Fe cuddles with her baby sister when she is sad (babies are comforters). Stroking the bunny.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more! And it's not the first time ;-)
I find blogging a revelation, too. It does reveal beauty in everyday details. When I started blogging I realised I became more observant, more careful in noticing details. I love that!
BTW, have you already discovered this blog http://www.chookooloonks.com/blog
The owner, Karen, has recently published a book called "The Beauty of Different" - it speaks exactly about that - about seeing beauty everywhere. It was my this year's Xmas gift and it is worth every minute spent with it!
Happy cuddling continuation :-)

Pamela said...

So true.
And I so want to squeeze those legs!!! Ehem... the small ones. ;)

Galia Alena said...

Happy New Year to you and your munchkins. Wishing you joy, magic and lots of snuggles.

Franziska Patterson said...

Isa, I think you should shave your legs. :)

I love all the pictures, all the chubby little and big feet. There simply isn't anything than just being together with your little family and enjoying each other. And it's a wonderful thing to somehow capture/remember all those things in whatever way you choose (blog, journal, video - who cares...).

Isa said...

:D I hope it's obvious that's a male leg.

Franziska Patterson said...

Haha...yes, it is. I just had to tease!

Annabella said...

Du hast den Nagel wiedermal auf den Kopf getroffen.
Ich wünschte ich könnte so schreiben wie Du.
Alles gute zum im Neuen Jahr für Dich und Deinen Familie.

Isa said...

Danke Dir, liebe Annabella! xx :)