18 January 2011



Unfinished(s) from around our home. Things I've been meaning to get to for a long (or short time) and haven't. Organizing memories, hanging up photos and prints (properly). Fixing the paper garland. Hiding all those plasticky princess dresses. Hanging the mobile.

That collection of old film photographs I inherited from my father.

That Polaroid is of my mother and me on the day of my birth. Newborn me, my life yet to live. Wonderfully strange.

Thinking of it, maybe I like those pictures taped to the wall like that, instead of in fancy frames. Memories are fleeting, not fixed, after all.


Vi said...

Du siehst aus wie deine Mutter, oder? Schön :)
(Und zum Thema unfertig: wenn du wüsstest, wie es hier fast ein halbes Jahr nach dem Umzug noch aussieht - Perfektion wird überbewertet :)

dorothy said...

oh, wie ich das kenne...all die unfertigen sachen. bei uns dauerzustand! liebe grüße, d.

Heli said...

i like the photo wall a lot.
we have that harper memory game, too. it's lovely (but i don't like the messy flip side).

Christina said...

Where did you get that yellow temple print? I love it!

Isa said...

@snygg: ja ein bissl schon. :)

@heli: I know!

@Christina: It's from an etsy store called persimmon & pink. They have all kinds of lovely letterpress prints, and the temple one comes in green and pink, too. Highly recommend!

Tracey said...

I love them taped too. Should try that. A taped wall.

Plus i love how you try to hide the dresses. No matter how hard, they just keep coming back! x

Franziska Patterson said...

Nice. At least you have interesting things you can devote your time to if you end up finding the time for it. My "to-do" list is rather boring: find cloth diapers, work on Henry's professional website, job hunt, look into life insurance,...that kind of stuff. Bleh.

I really like all those colored tiles (or whatever they are). That'll look really neat.

Isa said...

@ Tracey: haha, this made me lol. You are right, I should quit fighting what cannot be changed.
@ Franziska: I wish I'd have time to devote my life to the things I want to rather than have to do. But the truth is, I never have time for these kinds of projects because the boring things like paper-work, housework, doctor appointments etc take priority. I wish I had time for the fun stuff! (Which is what this post is supposed to be about, haha...)

Btw, the "tiles" are a Charley Harper Memory Game. I was going to frame and hang it because it's so pretty. But, the boring stuff keeps getting in the way.

Franziska Patterson said...

Booh to boring stuff then. I hear ya...Well, at least something exciting is in the mail for you (at last). Maybe that'll buy you some time to fix a garland, or hang up those memory tiles etc.

Trula said...

I couldn't agree more. It is so difficult to safe time for the fun things. There should be a curfew for all the 'boring stuff' at some point of the day.