04 February 2011



I want to choose happiness. I want to choose love above anger. I want to choose life above feeling powerless. I want to be the Creator of my own life. I want to focus on the good things and not on the bad things. I want to be like children, who get excited about ladybugs (and spiders, too), about jumping in puddles, about balloons, and flowers, birds in the sky, the rain and the sun, winter and summer, a lint on the floor. I know that life isn't perfect, sometimes it's sad, and sometimes it's downright terrible. But it's beautiful, too, every day.

When I get up in the morning, I will see my children lying next to me, not the dirty socks in the corner, or the gray weather outside. During lunch, I will see Sisie's big, beautiful wise eyes, and not the mess she's made on the table, the floor, her clothes, my clothes. I will see my family, my friends, all the good things in life. I will choose happiness.

I'm joining Bluebirdbaby in A Year of Choice. Please read her post, it's powerful.


Nina said...

My highlight everyday is my Mini Miez. For me she is the cutest and most beautiful being on our world - full of loveable characteristics. Everytime I see her, it makes me smile and my heart becomes a lot warmer.

Unknown said...

How very true.. I love your words here. I will remember this going forward from this Chinese New Year. Wishing you all the very best, happiness, love and health for the new year!
By the way, I've checked that post by Bluebirdbaby and it really is powerful.. thank you for leading me in that direction.

heini said...

Lovely thoughts and the blue eyes!

Annabella said...

Liebe Isa,
vielen Dank für diesen post - und auch dafür dass Du mich aufmerksam gemacht hast. Auf Bluebirdbaby. Und vor allem auf das, was ich eigentlich weiss: das ich die Wahl habe.
Es tut so gut, manchmal in die richtige Richtung gestossen zu werden. Danke.

Dank Dir gab es heut bei uns Kekse ...

Etefel said...

I like this. I want to choose happiness too! You are so wise.

Trula said...

Yes, I keep trying, too.