17 February 2011

Lemon Tree.


The other day, Fé told me a beautiful story about a lemon tree.

It stood in the middle of a little village (I forgot its name, something very creative) and there were huge round yellow lemons hanging from it. All the animals from the village (a crocodile, a rabbit, a bear, and a mouse) stared at it every day and it made them happy. One day, the rabbit wondered why it had lemons, for he had rather wanted apples that one can eat. And he said so to the tree.

The next morning, when the animal villagers got up and convened, as was usual, at the market square in the middle of the tiny village, they saw, to their surprise, that the lemon tree had brought forth apples. Why, the rabbit asked the lemon tree, did you give us apples? To which the lemon tree replied: I give lemons for joy, and apples for food. Whatever it is, ask, and you shall receive. (The next day, the lemon tree grew jars of honey for the bear, and the day after that, cubes of cheese for the mouse.)


So I had to sew that tree. I'm not sure yet how to tackle the jars of honey, but I will get there. Also, neither Fe nor I know what the tree ended up offering to the crocodile for food. Antelopes?

Happy Thursday to all.

PS. It's -22 degrees Celsius here, brr. After 4 years here, I t h i n k I need to admit it to myself and go buy real winter clothes.)
PPS When I was 13, I was addicted to this song. Haha, happy 90s.


dit said...

I love the story! Maybe because I like food too much. The first thing I saw in the tree photos - without reading the title - was äh, Zuckerwatte und Spiegeleier :)

Have a good day!

Kate said...

Wow, I love the story and maybe even more the fact that you'd then go and actually create the tree!

Anonymous said...

My girls are quite sure crocodiles eat chocolate and toes!

Anonymous said...

someone has pay attention.
You should always write her stories down and make a book.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your blog Isa :) you are so creative and funny! I like the lemon tree that you made, that's a great thing to do with the kids! Fé has such great imagination :D


P.S. If you don't mind I have a link to your blog on my blog..?

Kickcan & Conkers said...

You are as inspiring as ever, never disappointed when I pop over here.

sarafiina said...

yeah, fe has definitely been paying attention. good girl :D and a super mama :)

soisses-dasleben said...

dam... dadadadadadadam... dadadadadadadam...dadadadam...

ne runde singen musste nun sein :)
dein mädchen ist so zuckersüß. was für ne tolle geschichte. und was für ne tolle mama!