22 October 2011

I heart Ratingen


A few more pictures, this time from Ratingen, the city of my heart, where I am from and where all of
my family still lives. I have a big, close, extended family that I miss so, so much. That cute little boy is
my cousin Lukas, the gorgeous blonde is my cousin Pia and bestest friend. The tall guy on the first
picture is my cousin Nick who was just a small kid when my mom and I moved to Finland.

My, my, how time flies. 11 years! It's time to come home.

BTW, if you've never been to Germany, going, if just for a good Döner Kebap (see picture right
underneath the one of the church), is totally worth it. In Ratingen you can get the best one in the world
at Alanya Grill on Bechemer Str. This is my very unbiased opinion. :)


Kristiina said...

Germany is very beautiful, I have only seen a tiny fraction of it and can't wait to explore more.
Perhaps we'll visit just that kebab shop:)

Nina said...

Ist das das Ratinger Rathaus?
Der Dummeklemmer - den kenn ich auch noch. Lang ists her, dass ich ihn gesehen und wahrgenommen habe. Sag mal wart ihr auch Eis essen?

Unknown said...

Wow, beautiful beautiful images from Germany! Plus, there is no way you can get any more beautiful! Wowsa. : )

nina said...

huch, du warst ja wirklich ganz in meiner nähe. ob wir uns beim rosenkohl wohl begegnet sind ;) herzlgr.

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

beautiful photos, i can feel the love in them!

Lizeylou said...

So many gorgeous photos.
I can only hope that I get to visit one day soon!

Christina said...

Ah, so beautiful! I love these posts! I'm so jealous of your impromptu trip to Germany, and even more jealous of your having a home to go to there.
(And I'll second the Döners- my family were crazy about them.)