02 December 2011

Christmas Cypress


I bought mini cypresses (from Plantagen) and placed them in candle votives (also from Plantagen, on sale for 5 EUR each).
Done. Easy Christmas deco. :)

This year I want a simple Christmas. Fresh green, white, some lights. No ornaments or baubles.

PS The awesome hello Dala card is from Kerry aka The Seventy Tree: Blog. Shop. :)


Riitta Sinikka said...

Hi! I love all your things here!!

Unknown said...

Ooh so pretty and modern. I love it. I wish we could do something as wonderful as this. With my daughter, it's whatever goes! lol. Happy weekend.

Etefel said...

I love the candle votives used with the cypresses. They look lovely. Do they also hold water?

Isa said...

Ellu, yes, they do! They are made from sturdy glass.

Trula said...

Lovely. I haven't managed to decorate yet, but something simple like this would look good in our flat, too.