15 May 2010

Finland: Porvoo

I love doors and windows.

When I was a young teenager, before we moved to Finland, before I even knew where Finland was really, I took dance lessons at the one and only dance school my town had to offer. Well, it wasn't a "school" as much as one mirrored room. I would walk there, to the other side of town, every Wednesday. It was a 30-minute walk, which isn't too bad, I know, but it felt like a hundred kilometers to me at the time. (And yes, I could have taken the bus, but back then I was too shy to take a bus all by myself. Plus, I was always out of cash. Haha, some things change, some things don't).

Anyway, what I did during that one hour of walking every Wednesday was to peek into the homes of fellow Lintorfers. I'd look through their windows... or the slits of their doors left open... and I'd see families celebrating a child's birthday... or an elderly couple watching TV...and a lot of times... nothing. People don't spend that much time at home these days.

I still do it. I steel peek into other people's homes. Is that creepy? Maybe. But I can't help it. It fascinates me. :)

So. For this reason I love doors and windows. What lies behind them...?

Finland has incredibly fascinating doors and windows, I think. They can be surprisingly colorful, and old, and wooden. I think one could analyze an entire nation based on their doors and windows. Maybe somebody should travel the world and take pictures of the doors and windows he or she finds along the way. And make a book out of it. I would buy it!

On Thursday we went to Porvoo, a little town about  a 40-minute drive outside Helsinki, with a picturesque Old Town. These are some Porvoo doors and windows. Aren't they beautiful? I wish I'd know what goes on behind them.

Maybe I'll take pictures of Finnish doors and windows in different Finnish towns this summer. That might be a nice little project. And a  nice way for me to get to know Finland better. :)

Which one is your favorite door? I like the first one, the red house. So romantic. It was on a beautiful hill, overlooking a lake...

... or the blue-white-yellow one, with no stairs leading up to it. How strange!

Happy weekend!


annemarie said...

I do this business of looking into people's homes too! It's especially gratifying in winter when it's dark out and lit inside - I love it!

mäemamma said...

Hi Isa,
you know what, the last door could be in Estonia! Oh how I love these wooden houses in all their colours!
And yes, I absolutley agree with you when it comes to looking into other people's doors and windows. I do that all the time! I love walking in nearby villages and peeping into people's gardens and windows and then imagining the stories behind. I'm simply hopelessly curious.
PS - I really like following your blog. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll.
And a happy weekend to you too!

Heli said...

duh, you should make that book! :)

Isa said...

annemarie, yes, the winter peeping is the best! :D

sirja, funny you should mention Estonia. One of my favorite doors is in Tallinn. It's blue, and it is the prettiest thing I've ever seen. I'll have to go this summer and take a picture. :) And no, of course I don't mind if you add me to your blog roll. Thank you! :)

Heli, haha. ;)

mäemamma said...

sorry, me again taking up the virtual space.
Thanks for the lovely comment:-)
I was tempted to enroll in the unravelling course this may but too busy. Maybe the Blogging Beautifully one, I'll see.
Have a wonderful and sunny sunday up there in the north!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Heli in this one. You should make that book.
my favorite door is the first one. I love that red white combination. (it's so strong but yet so peaceful)

ieva jansone said...

1) the red one!! (i wanted to write it even before i read the text)
2) peeping into lit windows at evenings is what i always do. i think it has nothing to do with being curious, or sneeky, or creepy, and so on. it has more common with reading books. there are instant stories which arrise in your head seeing those windows, stories which are not even verbal.
3) i think this should be YOUR project! you make this book!!
4) the 3d image from below - i like it too, a lot.

Isa said...

yes, the red house! There's something about it, non?

And as to that project, I really think it would be better off in the hands of somebody much more capable than me... AND somebody with the money and time to travel the world. But thanks. :)