25 May 2010

Sunshine Award :)

I received this award the other day from Ieva Jansone of dinge die ich mag. The fact that she would give me an award is kind of... well, I can't find the right words... it's... overwhelming! I am just really honored. Because, you see, Ieva is one of the most inspiring women I've come across in the blog world. She runs an incredible blog. And she is an amazing, and I mean, AMAZING, photographer. You can see her pictures on her website here. They capture truth, the simplicity and beauty of life, at a time when so many photos of people and things are photoshopped and/or staged to a point where their very essence is lost. And I'm saving up some money so I can buy some things from her beautiful store. Like these wooden toy cameras for children... aren't they cute? Oh, and she keeps a record of her four-year old son's artwork here. Thank you, Ieva! :)

And now... drumroll... I'm passing this on to Suvi of lapset nukkuu, master scrapbooker and wonderful mother of three, who always brings sunshine to the people around her. (And whose name literally means merryweather... ).


ieva jansone said...

ohhh what a laudatio! (blush blush) thank you so much!!! but you didn't tell the funny part with this award - that you got it from lila a too - if i understood it right, and wanted to pass it over to me ;)

Isa said...

haha, yes, that's true! I need add that to the text! :)

Katarina said...

Congrats on your award, and I ADORE Ieva's work.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Sweet Isa! (you have no idea how not merry I've been lately. this just make's me feel better about myself)
and I just fell in love Ievas son. There is something in 4 year old boys.