10 May 2010

I won AGAIN.

It's true! I participated in a give-away over on the ever-lovely little.lovely. My third-ever give-away. And I WON. AGAIN. What are the chances! J thinks I should become a professional give-away participant. He. :)

Thank you dear Khali! I know I will just love the origami book! :)

And thank you also for picking a picture of my baby to go along with that inspiring Mother's Day post of your's! And for calling her gorgeous in public. I think I love you! ;) That seriously made my day! Happy Mother's Day indeed! :)

xo, Isa


Stine said...

Das Blog-Design ist super! Noch besser ist nur noch der Name Cecilie Soleil! Liebe Grüße aus Berlin

Katarina said...

Congratulations! And who wouldn't call little Sisie gorgeous? x