26 July 2010

What To Do With Red Currants

1. Pick, eat, and smile.
2. Red Currant Sorbet.
3. Cous Cous Currant Salad with hummous.
4. Red Currant Vinaigrette.
5. Eggplant Salad with Currants
6. Raspberry Currant Ice-Cream
7. Marmalade. For example here.
8. Juice. For example here.
9. Oma's Red Currant Tart:

(Make your favorite tart crust. For the filling, whisk together: 1 dl red currants, 1 dl sugar, 1 dl kermaviili [= curd cream (sour cream works, too)], 1 egg, a sprinkling of summer, cardamom to taste. Pour into tart crust. Bake for ca. 45 minutes on 175 degrees.) Burn the edges just a little. :)


Jonni said...

I love the pie! I didn't want to tell you, but I was hoping the whole summer that the berries would ripen fast, so I could have some. And they did!

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

super schöne bilder!
auf die rezepte freue ich mich. wir ernten gerade auch unsere johannisbeeren. der cous cous hört sich besonders spannend an.
gruß, éva

Franziska Patterson said...

Funny, I just had a friend ask what she should do with all her extra red currents. I should send her over here. You could add that you can freeze any extra ones you can't use up right now, so you have a burst of summer in the middle of winter. I'm not a big fan of red currents, but that's just because I grew up having our garden full of red currents and all my mom did was make red-current jelly. And then that's all we ever got for jam for breakfast - for decades. But the red current vinaigrette sounds yummy.

mäemamma said...

First of all - she`s soooo cute!
And secondly, I love the way you work the pics, they`re really atmospheric.
And last but not least - great ideas!!! I was just wondering whether to plant a red currant in the back garden...it might be a yes now :-)

Kate said...

Ooooh, everything looks SO delicious!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ideas!

IPH said...

Oh ja diese Beeren sind einfach nur köstlich, wenn du möchtest kann ich dir ein super leckeres und einfaches Rezept einer Johannisbeer-Baiser-Torte zusenden, glaub mir ihr werde sie lieben.

heini said...

Yummy! Nice ideas.

the sleepy time gal said...

i don't even think i've eaten a plain currant!

julias innenwelten said...

sieht köstlich aus, und die bilder sind ein traum!
danke, dass du dich bei mir als leserin eingetragen hast

soisses-dasleben said...

hihihi... ist die kleine ne süße maus! und so hübsch...
der kuchen sieht ja leckerschmecker aus. da würd ich mir jetzt gern ein stück stibitzen ;-)

Anonymous said...

lovely photos, isa!