24 August 2010

Day 24: First Day

I thought I was going to have to entrust her little soul into strangers' hands, but when we got to her kerho this morning, I realized I already know one of her teachers (I love those twists of fate). (Fé and her son used to play on the playground together, when we still lived in our old home... they were but babies then... it feels like an eternity ago.)

When I went to pick the Miss up, she didn't even want to leave... sigh, when did she become so independent (of me)?


Anonymous said...

I love that first pic!

mäemamma said...

Welcome to the world of my-kids-are-off-to-school mommies! I sent my two bigger ones to the BIG school three days ago. Must confess I was the most nervous one of the group ;-)
My heart sank to the ground seeing them off into the crazy crowd of kids. They seemed to like it, though.
Hope Fé continues to enjoy her big girl world.

Isa said...

Sirja, isn't it funny how it's hardest on us moms?? There I am, thinking, oh, I hope she'll manage, I hope she'll be okay without me... but really, it's me who is not quite okay without HER. Motherhood, such a strange beast! :)

Tracey said...

i know. Makes me want to cry sometimes how grown up Kitty is already. I love the pics of your old yellow home. xx

Tracey said...

ooh thanks for adding me to your blog list.

It must be blog love! xx