19 August 2010

Days 16-17 (retrospectively)

I took only four pictures in Sweden. These are it. The second one, that's Fé doing what she likes best. Picking ice-cream (sorbet, actually, in her case, but we don't tell her... ).

The last one, that's the guard who guards the royal castle. It's a woman. Go Sweden! (Their public restrooms are unisex, just FYI).

Anyway, I've been avoiding everything I have to do and done only those things I want to do... and now life is catching up with me... too many things left undone... it's back to business. Fall, fall (that meanness) is creeping its way into my life.


Anonymous said...

think of hot cocoa with your 2 cuties on the couch. thats autumn too.

the sleepy time gal said...

good luck getting back into the swing of things!

Vi said...

Hach. Meine Stadt.
Nach den letzten verregneten (und eiskalten) Tagen bin ich auch dafür, dass der Herbst noch warten muss. Obwohl ich schon in Herbstlaune war.

IPH said...

Ja auch ich finde das der Herbst noch etwas warten kann, obwohl ich schon wieder 1000 Ideen habe für die Deko :)

Aber nach unserem verregneten Fahrrad-Campingurlaub hätte ich doch gerne noch ein paar schöne Sonnentage.

Das ertse Bild gefällt mir besonders gut.

Isa said...

anonymous, true!!! :)

sleepy time gal, thank you, I'll need it!

Vi, aha, also aus Stockholm weht der Wind!

IPH, danke!

KERRY said...

Four great pictures though. Hope you had a nice trip. I enjoy all your photos....so rich in colour and well captured!