10 August 2010

Day 10: Overcoming the Kankle.

Everybody seems to be getting excited about fall, about woolen socks and knitted hats, but I fear fall. (It's the harbinger of winter.) But Her Majesty The Frog Princess's rubber boots did put a big smile (or two) on my face today. As did the Majesty herself.

Did I tell you? I have kankles. (If you don't know what they are, you need to watch Seinfeld). They are knees that grow into calves that grow into feet, with no ankle in between. (I blame Frau G., the ballet instructor from hell, and those farmer ancestors of mine). Anyway, it's the reason I always wore jeans as a teenager, in the middle of summer (sweating), when everybody else wore short dresses. This year will go down in the history of Isabell as the year that I finally overcame the kankle. Yes, I did! I've worn short dresses all summer. I am a strong independent woman who does not care about her appearance (so much). Applause please.

Oh, and I have the cutest two daughters in the world. (And I'm supposed to post pictures without words, sorry, I can't help it - again, I blame those farmer ancestors.)

Talking of farmer ancestors, these are the most amazing Depression-era pictures (via The Sleeping Time Gal, thankyou!). I have looked at them all night, in wonder.


Henry said...

I know what kankles are and you don't have them. I know because I had some for a few weeks while pregnant with Sophia (luckily I realized drinking 3-4 liters of water, and putting my feet up way high for an hour made them go away).

I can't wait for fall or winter. We've had ridiculous heat for over 3 months now. It's not been fun, because I can't even stand to step outside. So, instead of playing outside and enjoying summer, we've been locked inside, with the AC running non-stop. I just can't handle anything over 30 degrees celsius. But I guess that's not what you're dealing with in Finland, eh?

The Beachbaby said...

yes you have the 2 cutest daughters, and yes you are a strong independent & lovely woman who knows beauty goes beyond kankles! :)

Anonymous said...

Never noticed that you have kankles. I think you look just beautiful, always have.
I just saw yesterday a picture of the first "real" Veina and her husband from 1930 before the war. They war walking along the streets of Turku and looked so happy.
and I was thinking of them and their life. Then the war started and ruind their happiness.
(the huspand died in the war and she couldn't take it so she died few years after)
And btw your daughters are cute!

Nina said...

Feels strange to look at these colored pictures. It's not that fascinating any more. Maybe I like to think, that the past was black aund white, even if I know that this is untrue.

Oh... and your doughters are even cuter in real than on pictures, which does't mean that the pictures aren't cute as well :).

Kate said...

Well, here's someone who doesn't want the summer to end either! Please let the plus 25 degrees go on for a bit longer, even if I don't miss the plus 30 something's that we actually did have for a few weeks. That was just a bit too tiring for me right now...
That said, I do like fall's crispy, clear days when the leaves are pretty, but am NOT looking forward to the 'kurahousut are a must' -days.

the sleepy time gal said...

how funny-- i jut wrote about you and your blog today!

Lisa Gordon said...

Hurray for the kankles!!!
One thing (and believe it or not there are many) that I like about getting older is being far more accepting of my perceived flaws, and I LOVE it!
Your photography is beautiful!

Heli said...

applause!! what would be nicer than overcoming kankles. also, thanks for the great link.

Isa said...

henry, I suppose with temperatures like your's it makes sense to look forward to fall. Here, heat is such a rarity that I just absolutely love it, even the 30+. :)

the beachbaby, yes! :D

shys, thank you for sharing that sad but beautiful story about "Veina." It made me think of "Atonement"... have you read that?

NH, well, I thought those colored pictures were incredibly stunning, precisely because I usually think of the past in black and white... But hey, let's agree that my daughters are cute! ;)

Kate, amen!

the sleepy time gal, haha! We are like one mind! ;)

lisa, yes, getting older does have its advantages! (And I love your photos!)

heli, thanks for the applause! :)

sarafiina said...

it's been forever since i've commented anything, babe, but i'm reading it all! love it! all of it. your blog just blows me away, every time.

btw, i think atonement is heartbreaking! great book. well worth reading, suvi.