03 January 2011



The Miss always wants to wear her finest dresses for everyday play. I usually fight it, making her wear practical pants and shirts instead. Today, I gave in to her protests. I watched her play, in her little princess dress, and I thought, wow, childhood (unlike motherhood) really is kind of glamorous. And then it hit me.

If you want your life to be more glamorous, then add a touch of glamor to it!

So, as of tomorrow, I will be glamorous. My sweats will go into storage for a while. I will wear a pretty dress. Just because. Maybe I'll even do my hair (I never do my hair).

Wouldn't it be grande to do your laundry looking something like this. Or this.

I might regret it all, once I get spit-up and poop all over my frilly dress. But for now, I need a little glamor in my life. Even if just a fancy hair band. A little pink. (I sometimes act like I care about all the other colors, but my heart will always belong to pink).

I'll keep you updated. :)



Anonymous said...

Great Isa!
Let's! I'll join you!

Isa said...

YES! Great!

Anonymous said...

Ohja, das tut sehr gut. Bei uns herrscht seit geraumer Zeit ein generelles Jogginghosen-Verbot. Und ohne Witz: Sommerkleider mit Strumpfhose und Strickjacke sind auch voll bequem. Fast wie eine Jogginghose. Der Komfort, der da noch fehlt, wird durch nach Frau-Fühlen wieder ausgeglichen. Schön, hier wieder zu lesen. LG, Stine

d. said...

ich liebe diese fotos dazu! und das schaf! herrlich!
schönes posting!
much love, d.

Tracey said...

might join you!

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

wie schön wieder bei dir zu lesen, und dazu noch so ein fröhlichrosa post! ein schönes neues jahr für euch, liebe grüße, éva

Isa said...

Stine, Jogginghosen-Verbot hoert sich toll an. Ab morgen ist bei uns auch Schluss mit lustig. Frau sein, Kleider tragen, auch zwischen den Waeschebergen, jawohl!

d., danke. :)

Tracey, would love it if you did!

Emil und die grossen Schwestern, danke ebenso!

Franziska Patterson said...

Haha...I'm a bit surprised by this post and the comments. I'm anything but glamorous, even when I try. Yet, I actually never wear sweat pants except when I go work out, which I guess is an appropriate use for sweat pants, right? However, while I'd like to envision myself all cute and girly in a pretty dress or skirt, I rarely look it when I try, and right now I'm simply out of any skirts/dresses to wear anyway. So, I won't be joining. But, I've long been a believer in wearing our nice stuff when we feel like it (or using nice stuff when we feel like it). I have one very fancy, glamorous skirt that I'd always wear to Church or for any other occasion I thought I'd like to wear a skirt for, even though some people thought I was overdressed. Actually, I'm surprised we don't wear our fanciest stuff for Church - aren't we supposed to wear our best?

If you always wait for the "right" moment a lot of things will probably hardly ever get used. And how sad is that? Way to all be glamorous.

Cute dress by the way. And I love the sheep!

Christina said...

I love Fé's pretty pink dress! She is a beautiful little girl. Today I bought Isobel's Easter dress (yeah, a little early... it was on sale). Her wardrobe is FAR more glamorous than mine!
I can't get over that fantastic skirt in the second photo you linked to. WANT.

chaton de luxe said...

YOU'RE BACK! I've missed you! Here's to a glamourous 2011 let's start wearing fancy dresses to do the cleaning, dress the table even if it's you're eating just by yourself and wearing red lipstick!!!

Nina said...

Pretty Miss and pretty fotos. Like your idea but i guess some people would understand it in a wrong way. Especially here in this county...

Isa said...

Franziska, it's even worse than sweatpants in my case. Very often, it's UNDERWEAR. no wonder I feel like dolling up a little.

Christina, I KNOW RIGHT!

chaton de luxe, a thousand times yes! :)

NH, I don't see what could be misunderstood about it.

Trula said...

That's a great thought. Childhood being glamorous compared to motherhood. I've been thinking myself that maybe all this talk about dresses and skirts is there to send me a message. I did where a skirt to work today ;)

Daniela said...

Ok! Now I get it! DOn't worry glam night will come soon!