14 March 2011

Kitchen table

tulips and tea

Haa-o friends (that's how Sisie says Hello right now). How was your weekend? Mine was efficient. We organized and cleaned, and made this kitchen table from a piece of oak counter-top bought at Bauhaus and Vika Runtorp legs from IKEA. Short and sweet.

I really liked our old table, too, but while it fit the four of us (yes, four! That's many), it was too small for when we were having friends or grandparents or imaginary friends over.

That lovely print is by sweet Katarina K.

PS ... And this is the old table:


It's a solid wood table from the 60s or 70s (it's heavy!), I refurbished it myself. The top is high-gloss white glass (perfect for wiping.. ). E-mail me for details if you are interested in buying it. (zweischlitzohren.ät.gmail.döt.com).

Happy week and heeeee-eei (as Sisie says)! I'll be busy preparing for the party on Saturday. See you later!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous table! Both of them actually. Oh how I love your clean and beautiful home.. A big haa o back to your sweet Sisie (so adorable).

Heli said...

i love your new table almost as much as i love the old one!

personally i want to throw myself on the floor and yell every time i try to solve the dilemma of dinner table. too little space. too much stuff already. most of the time i feel that furnishing is like a puzzle with one extra piece.

Isa said...

Chantale, believe me, it's not always this clean!

Heli, I know what you mean. We only have this one table, and it's used for eating, for crafting, for sewing, for painting, for eating, for everything! It's always full of stuff. And I have to say that I feel the same way about furnishing/decorating in general... it's like one big, intricate puzzle that never gets finished because some pieces are missing or not fitting. And I don't have the time to spend every waking minute on trying to find things I like (that are affordable, too).

merathon said...

love the new table and love the old one! i'd totally buy it from you if it didn't have to be shipped from overseas! love how bright and airy your house is!

Cessi said...

You take beautiful pictures Isa, you are really talented!

sarafiina said...

oh I love love LOVE the new table! I did love the old one too. Dining table is a huge dilemma for me. I want a big one so we can fit lots of guests, but we mostly fit around a small one. Although we're five already, just on our own!

Anonymous said...

great idea and and I do like it!

hope you have fun party tomorrow.
Maybe we will see you on sunday. :)
Onnea to miss Fé!

rebeka said...

What a great idea!
We are facing the same problem of how to fit everyone behind the table when we have guests and it is always very stressful because I love to entertain and have people over.
I might steal this idea from you.

Katarina said...

I love your space :)
And seeing that print there warms my heart.