03 March 2011

Masks and a Rainshower


Inspired by lilla a, once again. Self-portraits on paper plates. What a great idea. Fe spent hours (!) yesterday and today drawing. Which one of these shall we send in for the  exhibition...? I can't decide. They are all so awesome. Fe named each one of them Pikku Pelle (Little Clown), except for the green-yellow one with blue teeth whose name is Sisie. And the all-yellow one is Fe's future son. 
Handsome, isn't he.

Sisie is well again. The two girls have been playing and laughing and joking around all day, and I've watched from the sidelines and enjoyed. The sun has been shining, and it's even been a little over 0 degrees. We took a long walk today and had to cross several huge puddles. Puddles! 
That means the snow is melting, which can only mean spring!

Oh, and there is nothing quite as fun as trying to take a shower without getting wet.


Happy Weekend!

I'm off to Tallinn tomorrow. :)


Anonymous said...

all is well then. Your post made me smile.

You girls enjoy Tallinn!! You'll deserve it.

Nina said...

<3 Tallinn
Sag mal... wenn du mitd er Fähre rüber fährst, könntest du mir doch aus dem Duty-Free ein paar oder besser noch einen Haufen Airwaves Lemon Ice Kaugummis mitbringen, oder?
Ich weiß ja nicht ob die, die du mir bestellen wolltest verschollen sind, aber meine schlaflosen Nächte schmachten immernoch nach diesen wundervollen Kaugummis :D.

Wie gesagt, das Geld überweise ich dir dann. Kannst also ruhig für 40-50 Euro zuschlagen. Das Haltbarkeitsdatum von Kaugummis ist doch eh recht lange, oder? ^^

Anonymous said...

Funny, our girls has same kind of shower day on wednesday! H was jumping with an umbrella and K tried to do the same.

Fe has drawn beautiful faces. We definitely have to try that if it takes hours!


Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

Eine wunderbare Idee! Sie sehen einfach toll aus und zaubern sofort gute Laune. Liebe Grüße, Éva

Isa said...


Salla, hehe!
Nina, hab ich gemacht.

Anja Brunt said...

What a great faces on the plates, I saw it on thekickcanandconkers blog! It is fitting very well to my 365facesproject ;-) http://365facesproject.blogspot.com/