02 March 2011

Tomato Sauce And


Man, evenings are tough for me. That last hour, before the hub comes home from work... I am completely useless. My brain stops functioning or something. And when he finally does come home, all I want to do is shove the kids into his arms and escape somewhere to that private corner in my brain that's still just me. Not mom, not wife, not entertainer, not playmate, not diaper changer, bottom wiper, booger taker-offer. Just me and myself. (What do you do, though, when myself turns out to be not quite herself without all those other selves?)

Phew, but we had a lovely day today, mostly.

Little hands grabbing onto each other.

Big green blankets; playing peek-a-boo.
Hiccups and baby giggles.
Drawing masks and writing letters...
Walking... taps taps... dancing... more giggling.
A train ride in the starry sky.
Spaghetti, tomato sauce, spaghetti, tomato sauce.



lilla a said...

Woman, I have been there too.. So do that, prepare dinner earlier on the day when brains still function, and hand over the kids and go for a 20 min walk. The evenings are getting brighter now, and perhaps will your mood too.

Kate said...

I've been thinking about that last hour too. It's the hardest part of the day for me and I've been wondering how I could change that. Or make it a bit better at least.
One thing that I should do, is have a (preferably healthy) snack around 3 or so. If I'm hungry and tired, I'm just cranky and no fun. I don't know anyone else though who's mood would be affected quite as much because of hunger/low blood sugar. I also think that I should find something easy and fun for us to do during that time. What that is, I don't quite know, it depends so much on the day.
Isn't it funny how all of that mothering-thing becomes part of you? It would be quite sad though if it didn't, if it was just a separate thing that you do during your work hours. And don't worry (as I'm sure you don't), the other selves of you still fit in yourself too if you just leave room for them too. It's called growing I guess.
Okay, I'm making no sense at all but you're great, the sauce looks fabulous and husbands who take the kids when they come home from work rock.

Nina said...

Spaghetti and tomato sauce FTW.

sarafiina said...

I know exactly what you mean.... The worst part is if Hapa sends me a message when he leaves and I know when he's coming and then he stops at the post office for example... they're the longest extra 15 minutes :D

Isa said...

lilla a, the walk idea sounds so lovely. Thanks. Let's hope for spring to get here soon! :)

kate, you make perfect sense! Eating something during that time is a good idea. I'll try. At least we'll all be sitting instead of walking on the walls. :D

And yes, the motherhood thing is interesting. I never expected to change this much. But it's definitely a good thing.

NH, amen!

sarafiina, exactly! :D

ieva jansone said...

ich schicke dir meine liebsten grüße heute abend.. ähm.. nacht (ich glaube, es ist mittlerweile über 1 uhr nachts) .. möglicherweise manche mütter sind selbstloser als andere (ich vergleiche gerade dich und mich) (?). meine waren schon längst in der krippe in dem alter....