17 May 2011

The lamp.



Once upon a time there was a lamp.

The lamp could talk
(but it could not walk.)

It lived inside a cozy home
(a big, quite beautiful one in Rome).

One day, the lamp said to itself:
I can talk!
But I'd also like to walk!

So off it went into the starry night
it walked and talked
until it reached the city of light.

From there it took flight....

then flying over the River Elbe
it realized it had the sun for a bulb.

"Oh happiness, oh joy,
no more
of that tedious chore

of lighting.

Now, further on to sighting!"
(And writing.)


Dress-up and silly rhymes, making up stories and painting together, putting images into words... words into images...
(that lamp above is meeting a hippo along the way, can you see it?)...

Sometimes the bad weather outside isn't so bad.


PS Ordering one.


Steffi / herzekleid said...

Hört sich wirklich nach einem wunderschönen Tag an! :-)

Heli said...

she looks totally intellectual with the glasses. (well, she is, so it seems.)

Nina said...

Nice pictures of Fé. Tell her that I like her unique style :).