12 May 2011



(Taken in Baden-Baden, Germany.)

(If I had to pick the one thing I miss most about Germany, it would be flowering trees, alleys of them.)

(To my Finnish friends, please know that I love Finland no less because I love and miss Germany.
This is my time now to indulge, please let me, I don't get to, ever.)

(To Annakaisa, to some it's given to be a flower, and to some to be a bird.)

(To anonymous, you are very wise. Who are you? ;))

(To myself: I need new shoes.)


Earny from Earncastle said...

great pictures!!

Annakaisa said...

I just wrote the quotes there, because they have inspired me when I've felt homesick.
That's all. :)

Kate said...

Sweetheart, I'm enjoying the pictures so much, just keep them coming!

Annakaisa said...

Oh, and I love these pictures. And liking the shoes too.

sarafiina said...

i'm loving the pics! they're making me wanna go to germany again... and indulge, girl, as much as your heart desires! it's good!

Nina said...

ja unsere wunderschönen blühenden bäume. ich liebe ja vorallem blühende kirschbäume, aber pretty pink gefällt mir auch sehr gut :).

Unknown said...

Such bright and vibrant colours! So so pretty..

Isa said...

Annakaisa, oh I know, they are beautiful quotes. And I think I should be more like that... planted...