15 May 2011

Strawberries And Chocolate


Strawberry-filled, chocolate-sour-cream infused goodness is just what
I need on a cold day in May.

The first fresh strawberries of the year came a long way from Spain, and were
a bit pricey (and still a bit sour), but, oh, so worth it.

Recipe comes from the Cake-Lover's Guide here. I lessened the salt and
the sugar content and used ready-made, store-bought yellow cake bottoms.

Coz I do that sometimes all the time. Coz I am radical.

(You see, my sister-in-law called me the perfect little housewife the other day,
and while I think she meant it as a compliment, I was shocked to the core.
I CANNOT accept such classification. First of all, I am not, and second of all,
I don't want to be. Somebody help me before I become a living cliché.)

Happy Sunday!

PS For more delicious Sunday treats, go here. And check out Initiative Sonntagssuess
(today it's on mat & mi.)

PPS Tomorrow I'll continue posting the vacation pics. I'm sorry it has been slow
around here. My laptop broke and I'm using an old desktop computer that takes
one hour just to start up. What did people do in the 90s.

PPS Dining chair make-over.


Julie (matundmi) said...

Hallo Isa, hast alles richtig gemacht mit dem Link posten. Und bei der Schoko-Erdbeer-Kombi haste sowieso alls richtig gemacht. sieht super aus!

elbmari said...

Wahnsinn... das ist ja eine tolle Torte!!! Erdbeeren und Schoki sind ja eine göttliche Kombi... Einen schönen Blog hast du, da werd ich jetzt mal öfter vorbeischauen :-)) Sonnige Grüße

nina said...

toll! und nochmal toll! und schmunzeln musste ich auch ;) schönso.

Steffi / herzekleid said...

Ich bin begeistert! :-) (Und den Schock wegen der Hausfrau kann ich gut verstehen...)

Geschwisterherz said...

....oh der Kuchen sieht ja sehr köstlich aus!

Herzliche Grüsse...Katja

Nina said...

I love chokolate and I love fruits. But "warum auch immer" :) I dont't like fruits and chokolate together. But it definatly looks very tasty!

Vi said...

That looks so very delicious that I think I will have to bake this week again :)
(A 90s computer? Poor you - I could freak out every time I have to use a Win.dows computer, so I won't even imagine using one from the last century.)

Anne said...

Mmmm looks delicious! The combination of strawberries & chocolate is the best :-) Happy new week to you!

Heli said...

:D what a great post!