22 July 2011

Helsinki Tour on Snygg Blog

HP in downtown Helsinki

Have you ever been in Helsinki?

Would you like to go?

The girls and I put together a little tour of downtown Helsinki. You can go see it on snygg, where I am guest
posting today. --> Click. <--

No, that was too polite. Let's try this again:

You. Must. Go check out my awesome Helsinki tour here!

I command you.




Haha, and that's how I leave you until next week!
Happy weekend!


sarafiina said...

What a wonderful tour! And gorgeous pics! Tell me again why we moved away from the center, I forget :D

Herr Janosch said...

War schon dort - also bei Snygg, in echt leider noch nicht. Muss ich aber unbedingt mal hin - nach diesem wundervollem Einblick!

Anonymous said...

I spent a few days in Helsinki in '99 and enjoyed it. Thank you for the tour.

Yanyan said...

what a nice post on snygg. I miss Helsinki. I want to move back..during the summer...