21 July 2011

Gift for Mummi


It was Mummi's (Fe's grandma's) birthday, and this was her gift. A bunch of Fe's drawings on china.
I still think it's the easiest thing in the world to do. (Are you getting tired of seeing these on my blog yet?)

All you need is a porcelain marker, cheap china from IKEA, your child's drawings, and transfer paper.

Btw, that first plate is a family portrait (from left to right: Fe, Sisi, Dad, me, her uncle, her two aunts, and Mummi).
It has got to be the coolest family portrait of this family, ever.

Talking of family portraits, here is our latest attempt:
(The stripes were not planned).

family portrait


Earny from Earncastle said...

it's sooooo sweet!! :)

Herr Janosch said...

Ich finde du solltest dieses Geschirr massenweise produzieren - ich würd es kaufen!

Agata said...

I wish to get a present like that! Do I have to wait till I become grandma? ;-D

Annabella said...

Oh mein Gott Isa ist dass süss!
Ich werde Bela natürlich bitten mir auch eine Familie zu malen - es werden eher Piraten werden - aber deine Sachen sind so schön, dass Du damit wirklich in Serie gehen solltest.
Du bist eine SuperMama!

Unknown said...

That looks soooo terrific! I honestly thought it was something you purchased through a design shop. : ) Love the little giraffe and of course, the awesome family drawings! Love this idea..

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

babay designer!!

can you give us instructions on how to do it? i mght be a bit of a dunce needing directions- but i'd love to do this for my mum!

xo em

= lingonsmak said...

find's super und immer her damit - ist auf keinen fall langweilig!!! und streifen gehen immer :) viele grüße in den sommer ...

elbmari said...

Neee, nix langweilig... grandios!! Ein wunderbares Geschenk!! Sonnige Grüße

soisses-dasleben said...

wuuuunderschön . perfekt . toll .

Tracey said...

You are rocking the stripes! And i'm with em...i need specific instructions!...where do you get a porcelain marker from?


ommu said...

Oh, how I would like to have those kind of dishes! Great idea and lucky mummi!

Fee ist mein Name said...

I just found you via the snygg blog and stumbled over your daughters name "Fe". My german name is "Fee" and I asked myself if it has the same meaning...?!

Isa said...

Thanks for the compliments, I'll pass them on to the little designer!

And I'll whip up a tutorial sometime in the future, I promise.

Annabella said...

Ja, bitte!! Wie machst Du das??