27 October 2011

Oldies but Goodies


Some pictures from my old blog that I wanted to have here.

From top: the huge canvas Fe (and I, a little) painted, with cling foil, brushes, tire tracks, etc. That was a
fun project! Fe's old room with the blue bed (why did I ever paint it white, I miss the blue!). The felt garland.
Her cute 2-year old's drawings above the bed. The little doll I made for Fe on her 2nd birthday that she
named Mamma Mia. That I had to throw out the other day because Sisi had an accident on top of her (yeah),
and then she got destroyed in the wash. Sad.

And so time flies by. Time for two new dolls, I believe. And another canvas.

PS My kids are into this.


merathon said...

i loved that blue bed too! are you thinking about painting it. . . again??

Yanyan said...

those sweet memories. Fe is really talented in drawing!!! Such as gift. I am making a felt garland right now :)

Isa said...

Meredith... I might!!! I certainly want to!

Mein gewisses Etwas said...

Die Puppe ist toll, auch wenn es sie leider nicht mehr gibt :(

Hattest Du da eine gute Vorlage oder hast Du Dir sie selbst ausgedacht?

Liebe Grüße, Sindy

Isa said...

you can find instructions for the doll here http://www.marthastewart.com/264299/black-apple-doll