13 December 2011

A few thoughts.


The snow came and went and left a droning damp mud, slushy sloth, winter stupor.
A tiny yellow thing (plant? flower?) is holding on a little longer before life hibernates.

I've had some tough lessons to learn this year; mostly, I've had to look at myself closely
in the mirror and see some things I didn't like. I've always seen them, I guess, in the
corner of my eye, but this was the year that I had to face them, and the consequence of
having ignored them for too long.

And just now, as the year is nearing its end, it is starting to all come together and to make
sense. I think sometimes we are placed in situations of powerlessness to realize the power
within us.


 PS Sorry about all the nature pics lately, I am feeling inspired by the simple tones of winter.


sarafiina said...


And I LOVE the pics.

Nina said...

Spiegelbilder sind auch gemeine und hinterlistige Artgenossen...

Agata said...

I also see things I do not like in my self, for so loooong...but they don't give me the strength, they make me feel weak. I wish to change them but don't know how.
Beautiful winter here. Agata

millefeuilles said...

Yes, I understand that feeling. For me it was last year. Remember; what doesn't break you makes you a lot stronger an d more beautiful! ;-)

Good luck with the dark and dismal weather. This too shall pass.

YC Felin said...

Facing yourself and being brutal honest is humbling. After the acknowledgement, acceptance and making a decision to change for better feels like cleaning yourself of a dirty layer. And you can walk with lighter feet after that.

p.s. love your pics of your girls in the earlier post. Been taking pics of Liana, but few of them succeed in dim inside room light.

rayndrop said...

thank you for the wonderful words. they ring true for me.

Annakaisa said...

"I think sometimes we are placed in situations of powerlessness to realize the power within us."

Well said, and so very true.

Annakaisa said...

And gorgeous pictures, as always.