29 December 2011






Greetings from the archipelago. The sun sets here at 2:50 pm, isn't that crazy in a magical way.

Have you thought of any resolutions for the next year? I'm sticking to my resolution not to have any
resolutions, but for the next year, my guiding word will be "power." That word can mean many different
things to different people, but to me this coming year, it means becoming the master creatress of my
own life; taking charge, no more excuses, no more feeling helpless, no more I can'ts or I shouldn'ts, or I
only wish I could!s.

Feels good, already.


mäemamma said...

Absolutely LOVE your photos, Isa!
As for resolutions...hmmm...you made me thinking...might even write about it later.

Best to you all!

Kate said...

Ha ha, when I read the heading 'resolution' and saw the pics I was sure you were going to write more about taking pictures. About resolution in photos. :)

Love your word for the year. Maybe I should think of one too.

Nina said...

My resolution is to get even more things done. Especially the little things in life we all don't like to take care of, like arrangeing dokuments and buying new maps for the arrangement. Or to remove papers and stuff nobody really needs just before deposite them anywhere.

Yanyan said...

I like your resolution! Very inspiring! I wish you a magical 2012, full of love and tenderness!

Heli said...

sounds good!

soisses-dasleben said...

hallo du ober-schlitzohr :)

tolle bilder wie immer!

ich bin nur kurz vorbei gehuscht, um dir noch schnell nen guten rutsch ins neue jahr zu wünschen.

deine dani

Tracey said...

i like this. And i love your photos. I feel woozy and dreamy looking at them.

How about a little etsy shop selling some for an 'i could'? I'll take some for sure.

Happy New Year my lovely xx

alliot + iza said...

Very inspiring resolutions!
Wish you and your lovely family a magical & fun year! And, always feel good!

Katarina said...

Oh your blog is full of beauty Isa.