01 May 2010

First of May!

It's the first of May! Time to get out my yellow flats, even, or especially, in the rain.  

May Day is big here in Finland, carnival-like, with lots of balloons and booze. There are events all over Helsinki today, picnics in Kaivopuisto (= central park, sort of), live music, fun stuff for kids.

We are staying in today. Because all that noise and alcohol isn't such a great idea for a ten-day old (wait, ten-day old, when did that happen?!).

We are building a chest of drawers, and cleaning. Oh, cleaning. I've completely forgotten about you this last week.

I just love days at home with the whole family!

Hyvää vappua! Einen schönen Maifeiertag! Happy May Day!


NH said...

How sweet they are, your little girls. You look a bit tired but I guess that's nothing special. Thanks for your comment about my furry fellows. They sometimes won't let me sleep either. So I'm really with you this days!

Mutsch said...

Meine Güte, sind die süss! Mein Herz hüpft, wenn ich die beiden sehe :) Kannst du mir das Foto(Fé und Sisie) per email schicken, bitte!

Mutsch said...

...euer Brot ist aber hart. Hält die Sisie euch so auf trab, dass ihr nicht mehr einkaufen gehen könnt?

Isa said...

das Brot is nicht hart, bloss getoastet. So mag's Jonni am Liebsten. :)

irene said...

Und ich dachte schon du willst das Brot an die Wand nageln ;)

Das Bild ist soooo süß zu herzlichst die Beiden, genieß die Zeit ;) Gruß an Jonni

Irene said...

The pictures of Fé and Sisie are über cute, especially the one where Fé's looking at the camera! Me want kids :)

Isa said...

Irene, okay, now I'm getting worried! :D

Pamela said...

I've been envious of those yellow ballet flats ever since I first saw them!

sirtsu said...

Hi, and paljon onnea for the birth of your baby!!!
I saw your comments a couple of weeks ago on Susannah's website, and tracked down your blog. liked it, but then completely lost it. Am glad I spotted your comment again :-)
Finland...well, I'm Estonian, but living in the Swiss mountains. Visiting your blog helps to heal the occasional homesickness just a little.
Enjoy the spring with your cute darlings!

ieva jansone said...

hey, what wonderful wonderful pics!! love all the small details. who is it on the b/w picture in the frame?
the two pairs of shoes.. and the picture with the tools and the "wurstbrot" is just PERFECT!! sooo great :))
and of course, i won't start telling how cute yours girls are.. you know ;)

Annabella said...

Liebe Isa,
wenn ich Deinen kleinen Mäuschen so ansehe hat sich doch wohl alles gelohnt! Die sind ja so niedlich!
Nochmal herzlichen Glückwunsch, ich wünsche Euch eine wunderschöne Zeit des "aneinandergewöhnens".
Und es tut mir sehr leid, dass Du nun wieder üner meinen Kommentar geweint hast - Mamas sind immer so emotional, oder? Ich kann mich gut erinnern, dass ich bei Bela ständig geweit habe, die Schwestern hatten eien Kleenexbox auf sein Bett gestellt ;)

the sleepy time gal said...

i love your photography....still.

heli said...

i love the yellow shoes. and eating a sandwich with a hammer and a screwdriver! :D

Isa said...

The b/w picture is of my father as a young boy, lying on a porch somewhere in Germany, wearing "Lederhosen" (of course). :)