03 June 2010

Finland: Porvoo II

More pictures from Porvoo. I kind of want to live there.

It's 1:45 am as I'm typing this. Everybody is asleep, and the house is quiet... but I can't fall asleep. (Isn't it unfair, how that goes... you are a mom, your kids are sleeping, but you are lying in bed wide awake because your head is buzzing with thoughts and ideas). Sigh...

Tonight, I am too excited to sleep because I have been thinking about what floor I want for our attic-to-be-bedroom. Strange. And about summer. Summer is here, finally(!), and that means a lot of things. But this year it means we'll be traveling.

Our itinerary:

Turku. Naantali. Ruissalo. The Finnish Archipelago (hopefully by boat). Düsseldorf, ah, home sweet home (next week)! Dresden. I've never been there. I'm excited. Downtown Helsinki (does this count as traveling?!), Helsinki is magical in the summer. A girl trip to Stockholm (...). Tallinn. A romantic 7-year anniversary get-away (with baby)... to Paris, or Madrid, or Vienna.

Hmm... this is shaping up to be a pretty good summer!

What are your plans for summer? What are your favorite cities? And which places in Finland should I go see? Any suggestions? I must admit I haven't seen much of Finland.

... and now it's 2:00 am, and I still can't sleep. I really feel like dusting the TV. Again, strange! I have a feeling you will get a post overload tomorrow (today). Haha, this post is random. My apologies.


Franziska Patterson said...

Well, we have no major plans for the summer...I'd like to go camping. And we'll be visiting friends in NY for the 4th of July. That's as exciting as it gets for us. Hopefully though it'll be interspersed with picnics, playing at the waterpark etc.

As for favorite cities, Vienna used to be my favorite until I went to Prague. Prague is beautiful and magical, but Vienna is also very classy and romantic, especially during the summer (and if you like classical music). I love it.

Nina said...

Wie gut, dass wir nach Finnland kommen, nächste Woche sind wir nämlich nicht nicht in NRW.
Als Städtetrip empfehle ich dir Rom. Für mich hatte die Stadt einfach das gewisse Etwas. Barcelona war aber auch sehr schön und Helsinki natürlich auch. Ein Grund mehr dieses Jahr dorthin zu fahren. Ich freue mich schon total darauf. 26. Juli - nicht vergessen :). Aber ich schreibe dir dann nochmal.

Meine Eindrücke zu anderen Städten:
Paris - schön, aber nicht überweltigend
Berlin - deutsche Großstadt eben
Budapest - Autos, Abgase und wunderschöne Bäder
Moskau - extrem kontrastreich
Amsterdam - holländische Großstadt ^^
London - stylish und very brittish, just love it
Rom - romantisch, verwinkelt, historisch
Pisa - gibt's da was außer dem Turm?
Valetta - klein und schnuckelig
Köln - Shopping Hochburg
Essen - Kulturstadt 2010

Also wenn da jetzt nichts dabei war, weiß ich auch nicht mehr :). Europa habe ich jedenfalls fast durch. Wird Zeit sich mal anderen Kontinenten zu widmen!

Isa said...

Fran, yes I love Vienna! Never been to Prague... I really need to go someday!

NH, Rom... ja, das ist wirklich ne schöne Stadt, aber ein bisschen Buggyy-unfreundlich mit den ganzen Winkeln und altem Steinpflaster. ;)

Ich würd gern mal was Neues sehen... Athen, da war ich noch nicht. Oder Istanbul. (Allerdings ist das wieder schwierig mit Baby wegen Impfungen).

dit said...

Dresden! einen Spaziergang an der Elbe entlang, durch die Altstadt und ganz wichtig die Neustadt - am besten wenn "Bunte Republik Neustadt" angesagt ist! Oder Elbhangfest - genau, da hinterm Blauen Wunder ist es auch malerisch, und die Saechsische
Schweiz ...
Gut kombinierbar mit Prag!
Wuerde ich dir gerne alles zeigen, aber ich bin dort nicht mehr.
Anyway, I m sure you ll enjoy wherever you go!


Franziska Patterson said...

No need to see Athens. I've been there 14 months of my life, and it's one of the ugliest cities ever. There are about 1-2 cool things to see, and they barely take a full day to do. So not worth it, unless you just happened to travel through there, in my opinion. If you want to see a beautiful Greek city go to Thessaloniki, or just visit the islands. But of course, if you're into rats, huge cockcroaches, grey, stinkiness, and huge piles of trash on the side walks then Athens just may be the right place for you.

And yes, you really ought to go see Prague! I don't know what it's like in the summer, but considering how beautiful it already was in the winter I can only imagine. Actually, I think if you've never been there, and you want romantic - go there.

Katarina said...

Your plan sounds so exciting! Vienna is just around the corner where I live, so I visit often...if you go, don't forget to visit Schoenbrunn - beautiful parks and gardens, and the Palmhouse! The house of green, from my photos :)
As for me, I love Prague and all places full of history. My heart will always be in England though...not London (urgh), just the beautiful countryside.
This summer I'm going to UK again, and then I'm taking a little detour on the way back, and visiting my friend in Palma, Mallorca / very, very excited about that!

Anonymous said...

I love Stockholm and I do like Prague. I kind of liking Copenhagen too. (and my ant lives on barsebäck southern Sweden and it's charming with an old church and huge white beach.)
Would like to see you when you are here! some girls night at Tommilankatu perhaps?
(But I'll understand if it's too much)
and btw love the pictures!

valentina said...

not that prague isn't stunningly beautiful (it is!), but ... well, way too many tourists and all that that encompasses.
i guess the same goes for rome, but in rome they kinda blend in. i don't know, or the beer is more expensive in rome and there aren't hoards of drunken day trippers clogging the streets.
since 'romance' is being mentioned, let's not forget venice. i just went again and loved it even better. sure, the buggy situation isn't easy there either, but somehow the venetian ladies didn't seem all too bothered by it. there are even playgrounds! (my own kid walks quite well at 4 yrs old).
i'll definitely second barcelona as a fantastic destination. great for kids, too.
and now for something completely different: zagreb. it's not overrun, and great for kids. great for kids in the sense that they can be kids and nobody expects them to behave well (goes for the whole of croatia). that's easy on the parents, too. and you'll get doors held open and seats offered. but i'm biased ;-)
we'll be heading to sibenik soon (also in croatia) and after a short welcome back home (in switzerland) we're going to the south of france. at the moment we're considering going to a wedding to nyc, but that's uncertain. oh, and i'm waiting to hear back from the husband if we're going to do this parent's-vacation-trip to berlin next week.
and yes, visiting helsinki does qualify as travel for you. finland is big. (and we count our visits to differents towns in ch as travel, too. otherwise, we'd never see anything of even such a small country.)

the sleepy time gal said...

i say go to vienna-- i miss our travel oversees when we first were married. at least we are going to the beach, the outer banks in north carolina this summer, with christina and brooke! thrilled about that. happy dreaming of your adventurous summer.

Nina said...

Da hier alle für Prag schwärmen, sag ich mal was dazu (auch wenn ich noch nicht da war). Ich würde da als Frau nie alleine rumlaufen. Kenne jemanden, der wurde da mit einer echten Waffe bedroht, weil er einer Bekannten helfen wollte, die in ein Auto gezerrt werden sollte, nur weil sie alleine an einer Bushaltestelle gestanden hatte. Das gleiche gilt übrigends für Moskau. Man sollte da vorallem Nachts nie alleine rumlaufen. Es ist wirklich gefährlich, mehr noch, als in anderen Hauptstädten, wo sie dir vielleicht "nur" die Handtasche klauen wollen.

Lollipop said...

beautiful beautiful pictures!
my advise? LISBON ;-)

Nico said...

Definitely Lisbon, most under-rated, enchanting and still exotic city in Europe... Prague is wonderful but it seems to become the Eastern Firenze, overcrowded, almost any tme of the year

Evelina said...

Lovely pictures, the houses reminds me of Umeå! And I've only got one trip and it's to Virginia Beach, the rest of the summer will be renovating our house.

IPH said...

Akso da ich nun auch einige Städte Europas bereist habe, teile ich dir mal meine Favoriten mit.
Rom - geb dir aber Recht bzgl. des Buggys
Paris und Wien diese Städte würde ich immer wieder besuchen.

Barcelona-hohe Diebstahlgefahr
Prag - schmuddelig und sehr hohe Polizeidichte
Helsinki- brauch ich dir ja wohl nicht zu zu sagen
Göteborg - wunderschön
Brüssel - auch nicht zu verachten

Übrigens da du Türen so schön findest, ich stell sobald Micha mir die Bilder auf mein PC geladen hat, mal ein paar schöne die ich in DK gemacht habe rein.

Isa said...

thank you everybody for the tips! :) Lisbon I hadn't thought of before, so thank you for that.

Quite frankly, I want to go visit ALL of these cities. Maybe I will (someday). I'll let you know where we'll end up going. ;)