02 June 2010

Ribbon Band


I am not a collector of things. But if I were, I'd collect tea pots. And ribbons. I'd stick my tea pots on my big beautiful china cabinet and I'd glue ribbons on every shelf and door knob in my house (a big and beautiful old mansion, of course). Yes, really. (Too much?)

Anyway. Fé and I have been wanting to do some crafts, but I never seem to have time these days. But yesterday, I felt inspired enough, so we took ribbons and made hair bands out of them.

Take one ribbon (we chose a linen one). Take another one (slightly smaller). Use textile glue to attach the smaller ribbon onto the bigger one. Ready.

It's easy and the results are instant (and pretty). A perfect craft project for little princesses. I see many ribbon bands in our future. Maybe some fancy, sewn ones, too.

PS. We crafted something else, too. A shoe box. Guess which one is ours over at lilla a.


Nina said...

Must be the last box - the text reveald it :D.

I'd wear hair bands all day if they would stay where they should stay - on my head. But they never do. They always slide away. guess my hair is to slick. Mayby I should try linen too. Looks great.

the sleepy time gal said...

what great idea-- how did you get involved??? very interesting! i'd love to try that.

Isa said...

NH, have you tried using them with hair pins...?

sleepy time gal, lilla a had a call for entries a while ago, so I figured we'll participate. It really was such a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

hey good job with the house!

Nina said...

Ich habe mir einen Haarreif gekauft, der rutscht nicht :).